Wine bottle holders

You love wine and would like to store your wine supply decoratively in the living room or practically in the cellar?

Whether as a modular system or decorative loner, you will find a wide selection of products in our range that will also visually highlight your wine stock.

Small or decorative wine shelves are particularly suitable for living or dining areas. So your bottles are quickly at hand and visually an eye-catcher. The kitchen is the heart of the apartment. There you spend a lot of time cooking, eating and being together.
Wine shelves can complement the decor of the kitchen, underline the style.

The bottles can be stored for a long time in the cellar.
The wine is protected from the light, and has there the best temperature conditions. In the cellar, bottle racks made of wood, metal and clay or earthenware are best suited.

In order to optimize your wine storage, the bottles should always lie, and never stand. In this way the aromas are better preserved and the corks do not dry out.

Most shelves are made of wood and provide a natural, high-quality look and are also particularly durable.
Metal wine racks bring a modern or cool, minimalist look to your home.

Brands such as Zeller Present and CaveauStar offer practical wine shelves made of wood.
The brands canett and Dutchbone show wine racks that also function as furniture.
Smaller decorative wine racks can be found at Kitchen Craft, Wohnling or Kare Design.