Digitec Galaxus Agency

Welcome to the DG Agency!

We rely on both funny, authentic advertising, as well as highly efficient Performance Marketing for our brands. We handle virtually all marketing in-house, including the production of advertising materials, media planning and management, and content creation. So, we have a large number of experts in all the domains of marketing communication. We’ve therefore decided to create a services portfolio for external advertisers. It’s bundled under the DG Agency and includes the following areas:

  • Consulting, project management and implementation of external online marketing campaigns with highly specialised targeting
  • Individual landing pages on digitec.ch and galaxus.ch with direct product placements
  • Creation services of all kinds
  • Flyers with specific targeting that are delivered in digitec and Galaxus packages
  • Special implementations and large-scale collaborations on joint campaigns

To put it in a nutshell: we use our years of e-commerce expertise to help our partners implement marketing campaigns across multiple channels and with exclusive touchpoints to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

Each brand and its requirements are unique. We would be happy to work out a tailored concept together.


ADC Awards

  • 2021 | digitec, Galaxus | Seven awards in total (including 1 x Evergreen, 1 x gold)
  • 2020 | digitec, Galaxus | Six awards in total (including 1 x gold)
  • 2019 | digitec, Galaxus | Two awards in total


  • 2020 | Galaxus | Winner Commercials Category
  • 2018 | Galaxus | Three awards (including 1x Special Edi and 1 x gold)

Swiss Poster Award

  • 2020 | Galaxus | Poster of the Year + four awards (including 1 x gold)
  • 2019 | Galaxus | One award

Digital Marketing Conference D-Pulse 2018

  • 2018 | Digital Marketer of the Year 2018

GfM Marketing Award 2017

  • 2017 | Annual Award of the Foundation for Marketing in Business Management

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