Extending the warranty with the «premium on-site service» option offers you maximum comfort: authorised service professionals will come to your home and attempt to repair the defective device on the spot. For 32-inch and larger televisions – and if your TV needs to be taken in for repair – you are entitled to a loaner device. As soon as the TV has been repaired, the service professionals install the original device in your home. The response time usually doesn’t exceed two working days. At the same time, the warranty of a device can be extended up to 5 years. The same conditions apply as for the manufacturer's warranty. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • inspection and – where applicable – repair of the device on the spot*
  • uninstalling and packing up the device
  • installation of a loan device if requested (for 32-inch and larger TVs)
  • transport to the service point
  • repair work by Swiss service centre
  • return transport of the device
  • installation and performance check
  • payment of the fees for cost estimates if the manufacturer's warranty is rejected

*due to regulations of some manufacturers, Sertronics is not always able to carry out on-site repairs. If this is the case, the service professionals will take the product with them and send it to the appropriate service centre at no charge.

Contact details Sertronics AG:
Hotline: +41 56 417 71 11

Conditions for warranty extensions by Setronics AG

The warranty and service extensions mentioned are valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You have the chance to add warranty extension (with the same conditions as the manufacturer's warranty) upon purchasing the product or during the regular warranty period.

The warranty and service extensions are not provided by Digitec Galaxus AG but by service partners. The extension is valid upon receipt of the sales receipt. The sales receipt can be viewed and downloaded in the customer account after the payment has been confirmed.

Digitec Galaxus AG may refuse the conclusion of a warranty extension without indication of reasons. If this is the case, Digitec Galaxus AG informs the other party about the rejection and the conclusion of a warrant extension is invalid. Any sums already paid will therefore be reimbursed. 

Services are provided for demonstrably obvious defects due to manufacturing and/or material defects in accordance with the provisions of the respective manufacturer's warranty. Further material and warranty claims are expressly excluded, in particular in the case of:

  • Damage caused by faulty operation, improper handling, changes, external interventions, falls, lightning, moisture or overvoltage.
  • Defect of a system the device was installed into.
  • For displays and TVs: burn-in and wear and tear as well as errors caused by burn-in.
  • Damage caused by a defective product.
  • Company loss of earnings as a result of a defective device.
  • When the model or serial number was changed, deleted, made illegible or removed.
  • Accessories and supplies (e.g. remote control, rechargeable battery or headphones) that are included in the delivery are excluded from the warranty extension.
  • For set offers, the warranty extension only applies for the main product.

First and foremost, the defective device is repaired. If the repair of the device is not feasible due to economic or actual impossibilities (e.g. loss), it is at the discretion of the service provider to determine how to proceed. The buyer has no right to monetary compensation.

If the defective device cannot be repaired, it is replaced with an alternative, equivalent device (possibly a used device). If neither a repair nor an equivalent replacement is available, we will refund the purchase price depending on the current value of the device. In this case, you will be refunded 100% of the original price within the first two years from the date of purchase; 80% in the third year; 60% in the fourth year and 40% in the fifth year.

As at: January 2019