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Fashion trend: What’s up with people covering their face?

Hiding one’s face on photos isn’t a new phenomenon, but one that I come across more and more often on social media channels – and one that I just don't get. What’s this new trend all about? I can’t give you the right answer, but I can share my thoughts and ideas on why people hide their face on pictures.

My Instagram feed is showing me more and more fashion photographs which show street style stars covering their face. Not unlike the «half dressing» trend, this phenomenon is questionable – to say the least.

Why are people covering their face? Because ...

  • they don’t want to be recognised by humans or computers?
  • they want to look super cool like Travis Scott?
  • they’re expressing their exasperation with a facepalm?
  • it’s a tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s «hand-in-face» pose?
  • it shows off their rings?

... other thoughts? Let us know by commenting below this article.

There are three levels of hiding:

  1. Work with what you have: Look down at the floor and cover your face with your hands or hair.
  2. Use whatever accessory you stumble upon: curtains, bags or any kind of headgear.
  3. Incorporate smoke to look more mysterious.
Level 1: Hide your face with your hands.
Level 2: Cover up with caps and hoods.
Level 2: A balaclava hides everything except your eyes.
Level 3: Hard-core version: Accessories and smoke.

Must-haves for your Instagram shot

Go with black accessories to make sure you look as mysterious and dramatic as possible.

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