Best Mootes products in the Beard care category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Mootes products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Mootes Soft

Do you wear your beard short? Then the beard brush with soft bristles for you is the optimal utensil for beard care. Because this model is particularly suitable for shorter beards, as the bristles are very soft. 

2. Mootes mountain pass

This beard balm not only brings your beard hairs into the right shape, but also cares for your beard and skin. A pleasantly tart scent of cedar wood and a touch of vanilla. Made in Switzerland from high-quality, natural ingredients. 

Mootes mountain pass (50 ml)
Beard care
26.70 CHF 534.– CHF/1l

Mootes mountain pass

50 ml

3. Mootes North Laine

Rich beard oil, which gives your beard the necessary moisture and provides it with valuable vitamins. Based on jojoba and almond oil. A pleasant scent of cedar wood and incense. Made in Switzerland from high quality, natural ingredients. 

Mootes North Laine (30 ml)
Beard care
35.– CHF 1166.67 CHF/1l

Mootes North Laine

30 ml

4. Mootes Mountain Pass

Is there a good reason for beard wearers to use Mootes Beardwash Mountain Pass, a special shampoo for your beard? It is specially adapted to the needs of your beard and the sensitive facial skin and provides them with numerous important ingredients. This beard shampoo consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Surfactants derived from coconut fatty acids not only clean your beard gently, but are also excellent for sensitive facial skin. In addition, these surfactants provide a stable and fine-pored foam, but are also biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. Real marshmallow root provides your facial skin with valuable moisture. Golden bamboo has a skin-smoothing effect, so that your look remains fresh and youthful. Olive leaf extract actively supports skin regeneration and reduces tension. Sage leaf extract gently smoothes the skin on the face. This reduces wrinkles or even makes them disappear completely. Selected fragrances combine to form a unique scent composition. These include sweet vanilla, tart cedar wood, aromatic clary sage, black pepper and a little coriander to round off the freshness. This beard shampoo is 100 percent made in Switzerland. Mootes Beardwash Mountain Pass is delivered in a glass bottle, which is equipped with a practical dispenser. So you can easily take the exact amount needed for each beard length. This beard shampoo is so productive that the content of 100 ml is enough for many beard washes. At the same time, the bottle is also so small that you can easily store it in your luggage. 

Mootes Mountain Pass (100 ml)
Beard care
19.90 CHF 199.– CHF/1l

Mootes Mountain Pass

100 ml

5. Mootes Hidden Beach

Is your beard missing the right shape and a great scent? Then you should definitely try this Mootes Hidden Beach beard balm. It is enough to massage a small amount into your facial hair: The beard can be styled according to your wishes. At the same time, with regular use it looks really healthy, shiny and attractive. Responsible for this are the many high-quality ingredients. Jojoba and almond oil as well as cocoa and shea butter provide your facial hair with many important nutrients and care for it at the same time. So that your beard gets and keeps the desired shape, this balm also contains real beeswax. 

6. Mootes Ocean Drive

A glorious, cloudless summer day, warm sun rays on the skin, a soft sandy beach, refreshing cool tides and a delicious tropical cocktail. These are exactly the images that the smell of this Mootes beard balm Ocean Drive triggers. Responsible for a masculine tart freshness and stimulating fruitiness are the trio of bergamot, bitter orange and grapefruit. Ylang-ylang and a small dose of patchouli form the perfect counterpart and provide a pleasant sweetness, cosy warmth and exciting exoticism. Vanilla perfects the multi-layered composition by harmoniously combining all the individual scents. 

7. Mootes beard shampoo

Only with a specially developed beard shampoo you ensure that your beard is clean without harming it and drying out the skin. Dirt and debris are effectively removed by the lightly foaming formula.
As you would expect from Mootes, they completely avoid questionable ingredients. This applies not only to chemical additives, but also to ecologically questionable palm oil. Instead, they use a natural and completely biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut fatty acids. This coconut surfactant is not only very environmentally friendly, but also a true multi-talent:
It cleans your beard, protects the facial skin from dehydration and at the same time creates a fine but stable lather. In addition, it is also excellent for sensitive skin types. To reduce wrinkles and moisturize your facial skin, Mootes Beardwash also contains golden bamboo and real marshmallow root. Extracts of olive and sage leaves minimize irritating skin tensions and help smooth and regenerate your skin.
The application is very simple: Moisten your beard with warm water. Apply a small amount of beard cleanser, massage gently and rinse well. Should be used twice a week. With regular cleaning, this soap ensures a healthy and soft beard.

Mootes beard shampoo (100 ml)
Beard care
22.– CHF 220.– CHF/1l

Mootes beard shampoo

100 ml

8. Mootes Shaving oil

Soothing shaving oil that cools your skin pleasantly. Smells pleasantly spicy of peppermint and fruity fresh through lemon oil. The contained grape seed oil provides for a soft skin. The apricot oil repairs the skin cells and provides your skin with the necessary moisture. Vitamin E protects the skin. Made in Switzerland from high-quality, natural ingredients. 

Mootes Shaving oil (30 ml)
Beard care
21.90 CHF 730.– CHF/1l

Mootes Shaving oil

30 ml

9. Mootes Knight Rider

This beard balm not only brings your beard hairs into the right shape, but also cares for your beard and skin. A masculine scent of silver fir, juniper and cypress grass. Made in Switzerland from high-quality, natural ingredients. 

Mootes Knight Rider (50 ml)
Beard care
25.90 CHF 518.– CHF/1l

Mootes Knight Rider

50 ml

10. Mootes Shaving oil 50 ml

Volume: 50 ml, Users: Men, Product type: Oil, Organic: No, Cosmetic type: Near-natural, Cannabinoids: None.

Mootes Shaving oil 50 ml (50 ml)
Beard care
31.– CHF 620.– CHF/1l

Mootes Shaving oil 50 ml

50 ml