A conditioner is applied after shampooing and nourishes the hair. In a first step, the shampoo frees the hair from dirt and styling residues by opening the hair's cuticle. This helps to loosen deposits, but also makes the hair more sensitive. With a conditioner you close the hair again and at the same time nourish it with valuable ingredients. With a conditioner you give your hair strength, shine and suppleness, and the latter also makes the hair easier to comb.

Use conditioner correctly
You can use conditioner after every wash. Make sure that you only apply the conditioner to the lengths of your hair and not to the roots. The scalp's sebaceous glands automatically supply the roots with oils. The conditioner would therefore unnecessarily weigh down the roots or even make them greasy and stringy. To apply the product optimally, you should first remove water from the hair. Gently squeeze the hair and avoid twisting it, as this unnecessarily stresses the hair. Afterwards, it is advisable to work the conditioner into the hair with a hairbrush. Leave the product on for at least 1-2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Finding the right conditioner
Depending on your hair type, you may need stronger conditioners. Long hair, for example, is prone to split ends and can tolerate intensive conditioners. Coloured hair (especially lightened hair) also needs intensive care, and there are also conditioners with colour protection. This way, the intensity of your hair colour lasts longer. If you have a fine hair type, you should use lighter products, otherwise you will weigh your hair down too much and it will look flat.

Practical: If you don't have time or don't feel like applying a conditioner after every wash, there are also so-called leave-in conditioners. Simply spray them into your hair after shampooing and they will work throughout the day.

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