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A shampoo is a hair care product that comes in various forms and is primarily used for cleaning hair by removing dirt, oils, dandruff, and other environmental pollutants. Customers gravitate towards shampoos not only for cleanliness but also for specific hair care needs, such as moisturizing dry hair, enhancing hair growth, preserving color-treated hair, or soothing sensitive scalps. These products are a staple in bathrooms worldwide, incorporated into the daily routines of millions who seek not only to maintain hair hygiene but also to ensure their hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Shampoo subtypes cater to diverse preferences and requirements. The traditional liquid shampoo offers a familiar gel-like consistency, perfect for general use. Silver shampoo, on the other hand, is tailored for those looking to maintain the brilliance of grey or bleached hair, often containing pigments that counteract brassy tones. Solid shampoo has gained popularity for its eco-friendly packaging and long-lasting usage, suitable for travelers and environmentally conscious consumers. Lastly, dry shampoo comes as a powder or spray, providing a waterless option to refresh hair, absorb oil, and extend the life of a hairstyle.

When selecting a shampoo, sustainability is a property of increasing importance to customers. Products labeled as 'Natural cosmetics' appeal to those who prefer ingredients of natural origin and environmentally mindful production practices. Shoppers typically use this filter to discover products that align with their eco-friendly values. Beyond sustainability, customers may also consider attributes such as hair type compatibility, whether the shampoo is designed for curly, straight, fine, or thick hair, as well as specific treatments like color protection, volumization, or moisturization.

Regarding brands in this product category, Redken is applauded for their All Soft range, ideal for those seeking softness and manageability. Rausch has received acclaim for their Anti-dandruff shampoo with coltsfoot, a go-to for individuals dealing with flakiness and itchiness. Kérastase is celebrated for the Genesis - Fine Hair Set, which targets those with fine hair seeking to enhance strength and minimize hair loss. Similarly, Davines is beloved for its OI collection, which delivers multifunctional beauty to various hair types. Olaplex stands out with its Bond Maintenance No. 4, a repairing shampoo that relinks disulfide bonds in the hair structure, perfect for hair in need of a reconstructive boost. Each of these brands brings a unique approach to hair care, offering formulations that address a wide array of hair concerns and types.