We carry self-test, respectively home tests, for various applications: HIV test, chlamydia rapid test, alcohol test, urine test, fertility self-test. From the pharmaceutical field (for AIDS/sexual diseases testing) we carry the brands Mepha, Exacto, Insti and Cyclotest. Among the alcohol testers, the TCS and Kassensturz test winners of the Ace brand. An alcohol tester, also called a promille tester, is a simple and practical way to determine the alcohol level in your body. In Switzerland, the legal alcohol limit is 0.5 per mille. To avoid accidents and unpleasant surprises at a police check, it is important to know your blood alcohol level. Also in the assortment: Self-test for venereal diseases: HIV Autotest and Chlamydia Test. With these tests you can easily, quickly and anonymously check at home whether you have been infected with HIV or Chlamydia. They are easy to use and provide reliable results.