Bath accessories

Transform your daily bathing routine into a spa-like experience with an assortment of bath accessories designed for comfort, convenience, and skin health. In our online shop, customers will find high-quality bath brushes, invigorating massage gloves, exfoliating peeling gloves, rejuvenating massage belts, and soft shower sponges. These accessories are crafted to elevate your personal care regime while ensuring the utmost care for your skin.

The bath brush is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their cleaning ritual and reach typically difficult areas, like the back. Relaxdays takes the lead with their well-constructed Back brush, which is ergonomically designed to facilitate easy handling and effective scrubbing. Massage and peeling gloves, provided by brands like Quick Aid with its top-selling Back Cream Aid, offer a dual function that enhances circulation while gently removing dead skin cells, making them indispensable tools for skin that feels rejuvenated and smooth.

For a more targeted approach, a massage belt can be a powerful ally in easing muscle tension and promoting relaxation, a role that Body Vital's body vitality products fulfil with great customer satisfaction. In the realm of lathering accessories, the shower sponge is a ubiquitous favorite, and MSV's top-selling Shower sponge demonstrates why — it creates a rich lather while softly cleansing the skin.

Herba completes our top brand list with its Natural sponge – a choice for those who prefer environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic products. This variety caters to all skin types and satisfies the demand for sustainable, gentle exfoliation.

Each accessory type is crafted to support diverse skincare needs. Whether looking for deep exfoliation, gentle cleansing, or a relaxing massage, our curated selection from the likes of Quick Aid, MSV, Relaxdays, Body Vital, and Herba ensures that you can find the perfect item to complete your bathing ensemble. Browse through our collection to find the ideal bath accessory to enhance your cleansing routine and provide a touch of luxury to your daily bath.