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    Forget sunbathing, embrace fake tan – these are my top picks

    by Natalie Hemengül


If you want to enjoy a beautiful skin tan even in the cold season or want to prolong your tan after the summer, you can reach for self-tanners. Selftanners are optionally available in the form of Bronzing Spray or as a cream. They are applied evenly and quickly to the cleansed skin and within a few hours provide a soft tan that lasts up to two weeks.

The best basis for an even and long-lasting tan is a smooth, fine skin. Therefore - no matter if in the face or on the body - always do a peeling beforehand. Dead skin flakes are thus thoroughly removed. The smoother the skin, the more even the tan will be. Who wants to tone the legs, should absolutely remove all hairs before. Waxing, epilating, shaving should preferably be done the evening before, then the skin can calm down overnight. However, researchers also found out that a good moisture content of the skin is decisive for a beautiful tan. Such batches tan much better than dry ones. In addition, use different creams for the face and body, as the facial skin is much more sensitive and needs a cream that is tailored to its specific needs.