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Primavera Basisöl Jojobaöl bio (Körperöl)

Primavera Base Oil Jojoba Organic Volume: 100ml (3.4oz)

Art-Nr 5950136
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Primavera base oil jojoba organic is a liquid wax, which adds intensive moisture and nourishes skin. It strengthens the skin’s own defence barrier, keeps the skin from drying out and protects it from negative environmental influences. Primavera jojoba oil strengthens the skin’s connecting tissue and refines skin’s appearance. The oil has an own, small, natural sun protection factor. It is a storable, fluid plant wax, intensively skin-caring and hydrating. Primavera jojoba oil is especially recommended as body and massage oil and it is suitable for all skin types. Primavera jojoba oil is especially effective on oily and inflamed skin. The Primavera jojoba oil is made by organic production partners in Peru. What is Jojoba?Jojoba is a indeciduous shrub, growing in deserts and semi-deserts. Actually, its origins are Mexico and the American states of Arizona and California. Long before America was discovered by the Europeans, the jojoba shrub had been used by Papago Indians for winning valuable jojoba oil. Today, jojoba is specifically grown in Israel, Argentina, Australia and Peru. The first harvest is possible after 3 to 5 years. Even if jojoba reaches its maximum harvest capacity after 12 years already, the shrub can reach an age of 200 years under optimal conditions. In ecology, jojoba shrubs have an important role as protection from soil erosion. Jojoba oil is actually jojoba wax. The fruits of jojoba shrubs are nuts, which contain a liquid wax. Jojoba oil is therefore not oil but a high-value plant wax. And as it is no oil, it can protect skin from drying out without leaving the typical oily film on it. One more advantage: jojoba wax will not become rancid and is therefore non-perishable. In the refrigerator it becomes sticky and ductile, but gets fluid again in room temperatures.Use of jojoba oil as cosmetic productJojba oil has an light protection factor of 3 to 4. Depending on skin type, exposure to sunlight can be longer when treated with jojoba oil. Skin treated with jojoba oil becomes evenly and naturally tanned when exposed to the sun. Jojoba can also help your hair. Just mix jojoba oil into your shampoo (1 tablespoon in 100ml). Jojoba oil helps brittle hair to regenerate, tautens the scalp and endows hair with natural glow. Skin of all people has something in common: it needs moisture. If skin dries out, it will itch and scale off. Therefore, jojoba oil is more than perfect as day and night care. Due to the contained fatty acids it recommends itself as care oil. It soaks into the skin quickly, leaving it soft and smooth. Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types. It acts anti-inflammatory and shows an outstanding compatibility. Jojoba oil contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin E. People suffering from dry and itching skin perceive jojoba oil as soothing. Application Primavera Base Oil Jojoba Organic:Valid for all base oils: Preferably rubbed into the still wet skin after bathing or showering. In this way, the oils can unfold their full value. Rub into the still wet skin after cleaning. The oil soaks in quickly, without leaving a fatty film. Ingredients/INCI Primavera Base Oil Jojoba Organic:Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil* org Shipping Weight: 150 g. more


Key specifications

Skin typeUnreine Haut / Akne

General information

Manufacturer Primavera
Product type Body moisturiser
Item number5950136

Körperfeuchtigkeitspflege Eigenschaften

Skin type
Unreine Haut / Akne
Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

Ohne synthetische Inhalts- & Konservierungsstoffe


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Primavera Basisöl Jojobaöl bio (Körperöl) Primavera Basisöl Jojobaöl bio (Körperöl)