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    «ZH 50» – what a licence plate has to do with red wine and glittering jewellery

    by Patrick Vogt

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    How I conquered my model building demons with Ugears

    by Ramon Schneider

Scale modelling

In this category you will find self-assembly kits, for gluing or screwing. The models can have moving parts and some can even be mounted. However, you won't find remote controlled parts in this category: for functional kits that you can control remotely, you'd better look in the product types RC car, RC boat, RC plane or RC for children. We have the popular Ugears, WoodenCity and Mr Playwood wood models, as well as Revell plastic kits. Model making is a popular pastime, but there's more to it than "fun little" miniatures strolling around on a smaller scale than the original. In some cases the model builders even go so far as to make their models functional. Often the model kits come with instructions so that you can follow the steps and proudly present your results after a few hours of fiddling around. The wooden model kits in our range are suitable for both beginners and advanced builders thanks to their clear instructions and the tools supplied. The kits are also very suitable as a gift: children young and old will love it! What should you look out for when buying kits? Pay particular attention to the minimum age. The more complicated wooden construction kits from Ugears, Wooden City and Mr Playwood are suitable for children from 12 years of age (but grandparents will still enjoy them as well). The Revell sets can be used by younger children.