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    «ZH 50» – what a licence plate has to do hazard warning triangles and red wine

    by Patrick Vogt

Building bricks

Clamp bricks enjoy great popularity, now already more than 1000 sets in the assortment. We are constantly expanding our Noppenstein assortment for large and small AFOL`s. So there are brands like Cobi, Wange, Bluebrixx, which are specialized in sub-segments.

AFOL`s who are interested in architecture should have a look at e.g. the clamping bricks from Wange, Bluebrixx as well as Xingbao.
If you are interested in technical bricks, we can recommend bricks from CADA, Sembo or Kazi.
AFOL`s who like detailed militaria bricks and want to clamp together a tank, car or ship should not miss Cobi.
What would be a set of bricks without proper lighting, here the brand Light my Bricks has specialized in lighting sets suitable for the market leader LEGO.
The children are not neglected either. You can get child-friendly clamp building block subjects from the brands Qman and Sluban in particular.
Simply clamp bricks without instructions, no problem with the brand Q-Bricks. Here you will find everything about building blocks as well as bricks in various shapes and colors.
You still don't have enough and are looking for a new clamp building block challenge, how about miniaturization. Take a look at the assortment to the brands Nanoblocks or Brixies. Here you handle 1x1 bricks and create your own little miniature.