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    Ingenious: Spice up your Duplo collection with Hubelinos

    by Katja Fischer

Marble runs

Classic marble runs - often called marble runs - are made of high-quality wood. Were you as a child also so happy when you put the marble in the track and it rolled through felt very fast? Nowadays there are a lot of different marble runs, not all of them are made of wood and there are many different additional functions. Buy ready-made marble tracks like the classics from Hape Quadrilla, Hubelino and Cuboro or assemble the track from expandable kits. You can always rediscover these kits, because they can be plugged together into countless marble runs. You will also find a lot of accessories and extensions. The modern classic comes from Gravitrax. The Gravitrax marble runs are assembled from various elements. Thanks to the constantly appearing novelties you can give free rein to your creativity. This makes the variety of the game endless.

Ball tracks are fun at any age. There are already ball tracks for the youngest from one and a half years, which train their motor skills. For the very little ones, you should look for high-quality materials and, above all, make sure that the balls are large enough so that they and other small parts cannot be swallowed. Then there are tracks for children aged four to eight, which promote fine motor skills and dexterity, put concentration to the test and make gravity a playful experience. For bigger kids aged eight and up (and even for adults), there are real challenges such as Small Foot Extreme, which require quite a bit of dexterity.

What should you look for when buying?
If you are looking for a marble run as a gift, then first pay attention to the recommended minimum age. With the filter "Ball track type" you can choose whether it should be a fixed ball track for children up to 3 years or a construction set that you can always reassemble. With the "Material" filter you can choose a sustainable option made of wood. Whether it's a gift or learning material, you're sure to find the right marble run.