Construction kits

Building sets are play sets that consist of parts that are easy to assemble. The building sets in our assortment are divided into three categories. There are plug-in building sets that consist of terminal blocks, such as from Megablocks, or that plug together, such as from Matador. Then there are magnetic building sets that can be assembled with magnets, such as Geomag, Magformers and Nanodots. Screw building sets (also called metal building sets) can be assembled with a screwdriver and screws. The best-known brands are Meccano, Melissa & Doug and Small Foot.

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Building sets encourage concentration, spatial thinking, motor skills and stimulate the imagination. Little builders can create a fantasy world and play with their own creations. Some kits even playfully explain the laws of physics, such as magnetic force and gravity, as well as electronics and robotics. Screw construction kits are particularly well suited as an introduction to the world of model building and teach children how to use tools. In addition, assembling a car, helicopter or robot is of course a lot of fun, whether alone or together with dad or grandpa.

As with puzzles, the number of individual pieces in a set says something about the level of difficulty. The more pieces, the more complicated the set and the longer the building fun lasts. With the filter "Number of pieces" you can find the easier kits up to 99 pieces or the bigger models with more than 300 pieces.

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