Winter sports racks

Ski racks or snowboard racks help you to attach and transport your skis, cross-country skis or snowboards to your car. If there is no space in the car to store your winter sports equipment, then the above-mentioned carrier is a suitable solution.

Depending on the type of mounting, you can install them on your vehicle, for example, with Thule roof racks. There are also carriers that are mounted on the roof by a strong magnet. The installation is uncomplicated here, but always pay attention to the maximum permissible speed.

The articles of the brand TowCar you can install on the trailer hitch and transport your snowboards or skis. In our range you will find winter sports carriers with which you can transport up to six pairs of skis, pairs of cross-country skis or up to four snowboards. The rubber pads of the support surfaces provide an anti-slip surface to reduce jerking during the ride. Depending on the carrier, there are safety features such as city crash standard, TÜV certification or lockability.