Roof box accessories

When prepping for a road trip or outdoor adventure, vehicle storage is often a top consideration. Roof box accessories enhance the functionality and convenienceof transporting gear. Customers can expect a diverse range of fixtures that offer secure and efficient storage solutions for their roof boxes.

QLS Handels specializes in space-saving accessories, such as their 82cm Roof Box Wall Bracket, perfect for compactly storing your roof box when not in use. A pioneer in the industry is Thule, whose MultiLift 572 is a crowd favorite for its straightforward mechanism that aids in the lifting and storage of roof boxes, sparing the need for heavy lifting.

Nordrive is known for its sturdy and dependable Wall Bracket for roof boxes, ensuring your storage setup stays put securely. Hapro complements the selection with their innovative Box Lift Roof system, which simplifies the process of mounting and dismounting roof boxes from your vehicle.

AM rounds off the selection with their functional Wall Bracket pair for roof boxes, promoting ease of installation and strong support. These top brands make it clear that roof box accessories are designed for enhancing the user experience, making the process of utilizing roof storage hassle-free and a great deal more enjoyable.