Snow chains

In the midst of winter, when roads become icy and covered in snow, snow chains are an indispensable safety accessory for any motorist venturing into these conditions.These chains wrap around the tires of a vehicle to provide increased traction when driving on snow and ice. They are especially favored by drivers living in regions with heavy snowfall or those traveling to frosty mountainous areas. When traditional tires fail to grip the slippery surface, snow chains bite into the frosty terrain, ensuring your vehicle remains steady and significantly reducing the risk of accidents due to skidding.

Choosing the right snow chains requires careful consideration of your tire dimensions, as the correct fit is paramount for both safety and performance. The most important property when selecting snow chains is the matching tire dimensions, typified by specifications such as 235/55 R19. It's crucial to refer to your vehicle's owner manual or the sidewall of your tires to gather this information before making a purchase. Additionally, opting for chains that offer ease of installation can save time and reduce the stress of fitting them in cold and snowy conditions. Be sure to also consider the chain's durability, compatibility with your vehicle type, and whether they meet the legal requirements of the regions you'll be driving in.

Our store showcases a variety of reputable brands offering high-quality snow chains. König Chain is applauded for its reliable CB-12 104 model, which is designed for easy mounting and durability. Michelin, another leading brand, presents the Easy Grip EVO 7, appreciated by drivers for its innovative composite structure and straightforward installation process. Pewag's acclaimed for its robust Snox Pro SXP 560 3.2mm Snow Chains, offering superior grip without the need for manual tensioning. For motorists seeking a balance of convenience and safety, Weissenfels' Attiwa Clack & Go snow chain provides quick and simple fitting with its intuitive clamping system. Finally, the Autosock HP 697 stands out as a textile alternative to traditional chains, ideal for drivers in need of an easily storable, lightweight traction device that's quick to deploy. With these options, you can confidently tackle winter roads, knowing your vehicle is prepared for snowy conditions.