Best products in the High pressure washers category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Kärcher OC3 Plus

Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion battery and removable water tank, you can clean your bike or dirty hiking boots, for example, even without electricity or water. With gentle but efficient flat jetting at low pressure, the pressure washer is ideal for sensitive surfaces. In addition, an LED indicator signals when the battery is almost empty or is charging. And various accessory boxes are optionally available for a wide range of applications and expansion possibilities. 

2. Kärcher K3 Power Control

Thanks to the practical application advisor in the Home & Garden App, which can support the K 3 Power Control high-pressure cleaner, Kärcher enables an even better cleaning result - and turns the user into a cleaning expert. In addition, the app offers an all-round service including information on the device, the application and the Kärcher service portal. The pressure level suitable for the application can be set directly on the supplied spray wand and checked on the display of the G 120 Q Power Control gun - for maximum control and the ideal pressure for every surface. Switching from high pressure to detergent mode is done without replacing the blast wand. The cleaning agent can be applied quickly, easily and conveniently via the integrated cleaning agent tank. The K 3 Power Control from Kärcher also features an extendable telescopic handle for easy pulling and storage, a stand for greater stability, holders for accessories, high-pressure gun and cable, and the Kärcher Quick Connect system. The stand can also be used as a second carrying handle, making it easy to lift the appliance onto a shelf or load it into the boot. 

3. Kärcher K 2

The equipment of the K2 includes two smooth-running tires, a gun, a 4 m long high-pressure hose, a single jet pipe, a dirt cutter with rotating spot jet against the most stubborn dirt and a water filter to protect the pump from penetrating dirt particles. The high-pressure cleaner was built for occasional use and lighter soiling around the house. This includes, for example, contamination on bicycles, garden tools or garden furniture. 

4. Rothenberger Suction-pressure cleaner Ropump Supe

The Ropump Supe pipe cleaning unit is the ideal entry-level tool for removing blockages in wash basins and sinks, tubs and toilets using water pressure. High quality, stable and reliable. The professional suction and pressure cleaner has a high-quality finish and is absolutely reliable. The basic body is made of one piece. The system is also optimally sealed. This provides the best suction and pressure performance when cleaning pipes. Simple operation - the ergonomic handle of the Ropump Supe pipe cleaning pump, which can be adjusted in all directions, ensures ideal power transmission. A smooth-running piston with silicone rubber seal makes handling the compact unit easy and energy-saving. Two adapters in different lengths are available for each application and different applications. These can be exchanged easily and in a short time. 

5. Kärcher K5 Power Control

For even more control in many cleaning situations and with different cleaning objects, the user can be supported by the application advisor via the Kärcher Home & Garden App with tips and tricks. The application advisor describes the optimum pressure level for the selected cleaning object. The pressure can then be easily adjusted manually by turning the Vario Power jet pipe. In addition, the app offers other useful functions such as assembly instructions, maintenance and care instructions as well as the Kärcher service portal. Furthermore, the device convinces with the G 160 Q Power Control gun as well as the dirt cutter. Further equipment details include the Plug 'n' Clean cleaning agent system for quick and clean changing of the cleaning agent, the high-quality aluminium telescopic handle for comfortable transport and space-saving storage, the Quick Connect system for effortless and time-saving clicking of the high-pressure hose into and out of the device and the gun, as well as the parking position for accessories that are always ready to hand. 

6. Kärcher OC 3 + Bike

It is quickly at hand when you need it, always and everywhere, without effort. Even without electricity or water, you can clean your bike, garden tools, tent and camping equipment or dirty hiking boots, for example, to keep everything clean in your car and at home. With gentle but efficient flat jet in low pressure, the Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 is ideal for sensitive surfaces. The water tank can be easily removed and refilled under the tap. It is sufficient for a 2-minute cleaning, or for up to 2 bicycles. The spiral hose provides a large action radius, it can be stored after cleaning together with the gun comfortably and space-saving under the tank. In addition, an LED display indicates when the battery is almost empty or is charging. Advantages of this Bike Box: The universal brush with soft bristles can be attached to the gun and removes even stubborn dirt, the cleaning agent (Car & Bike, 0.5 litre) dissolves the dirt typical on bicycles and motorcycles, while at the same time protecting all components, and the high-quality fleece microfibre cloth dries the equipment before storing it. The accessory box can be easily clipped onto Outdoor Cleaner 3. 

7. Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home

The K 7 Premium Smart Control high-pressure cleaner can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This supports the user via the Kärcher Home & Garden App with tips, tricks and settings for many cleaning situations and cleaning objects. The app offers useful functions such as the application advisor for even better cleaning results, an installation guide, maintenance and care instructions as well as the Kärcher service portal. Against stubborn dirt hiltf the Boost Mode for extra power. In addition, the G 180 Q Smart Control gun with LCD display and the 3-in-1 Multi Jet spray wand offer maximum control: the pressure settings are made on the gun or transferred to the gun using the app. The LCD display allows you to check which pressure level is set, whether the boost can be triggered or whether the unit is still in sleep mode. The Home Kit includes the T 7 surface cleaner and 1 l stone cleaner 3-in-1. Further equipment details are the hose reel, the Plug 'n' Clean cleaning agent system, the aluminium telescopic handle and the parking position for accessories ready to hand. 

8. Bosch Home & Garden Fontus 18V

Care for what you love. Clean cordlessly at home or on the go, either via the fixed water connection or with the integrated 15-litre tank. Ideal for caring for your prized possessions, from cars and motorbikes to outdoor equipment and bicycles. Versatile use: four different spray patterns, adjustable water pressure and SmartBrush. An extendable handle and durable wheels allow for quick setup and easy maneuvering. Accessory storage and gun storage during use provide maximum convenience. Syneon Chip controls power consumption for optimal efficiency and longer run time. POWER FOR ALL: One battery for the complete Home & Garden equipment system.

Scope of delivery: 1 battery and charger

9. Kärcher K4 Silent Home

The K4 Silent Edition Home with its innovative silent function works extra quietly and presents itself with a 50% lower noise level. The pressure washer is equipped with a long-life water-cooled motor and is suitable for medium soiling such as that found on fences, garden furniture or patios. The device offers an additional Home Kit with Surface Cleaner T 350 for splash-free and effective cleaning of larger surfaces as well as the 3-in-1 Stone and Facade Cleaner in the 1-l bottle. In addition, the K 4 Silent Edition Home scores points with other attractive comfort features. These include, for example, the PremiumFlex hose with anti-twist system, which effectively prevents the formation of knots or loops and thus avoids tripping hazards due to cable tangles from the outset. In addition, there is the elastic storage strap for the high-pressure hose and electric cable as well as two carrying handles and a telescopic handle for outstanding mobility. 

10. Gardena AquaClean

The Gardena AquaClean 24/18V P4A battery-powered medium pressure cleaner is ideal for powerful, mobile cleaning around the house and garden, or on the go. It is ready for use independently of a power source. A fixed water connection is also not necessary. A container of water or an alternative water source, such as a rain barrel, is all that is needed. It is self-priming down to a depth of two metres and has three cleaning levels: 9, 14 and 24 bar. With 5 m suction hose with filter, float and clamp, three cleaning nozzles 0°, 15° and 45°, long lance for working close to the ground and short lance for short reaches. Power is supplied by an 18 V System battery from the Power for All Alliance, based on Bosch technology. This fits into a wide range of other Gardena garden tools, but can also be used across brands with numerous other products from the alliance around the home. Charger included. The set also includes a foam nozzle for dispensing cleaning additives and a 20 l foldable water tank for mobile use.