Spray bottles are used for plant care, in the household, for cleaning or for disinfection. Thanks to the mostly adjustable nozzle, one can distribute liquid from the finest spray mist to a powerful spray jet. In the household, the hand sprayer is a practical aid for quickly distributing cleaning agents on surfaces.

In plant care, sprayers are used to give plants an invigorating shower during periods of low humidity. Especially tropical plants enjoy the extra moisture. Sprayers are also very practical for the targeted distribution of pesticides. In this case, you should choose a model that can withstand chemicals.

If larger areas are to be disinfected or many plants are to be sprayed, you should consider the purchase of a pressure sprayer. It has a larger tank. The sprayer is easy to control thanks to the flexible shrub. Air is pumped into the housing before use.

We carry spray bottles in many designs. In our assortment we distinguish between pressure sprayers or spray bottles made of plastic, metal or stainless steel. As a further distinguishing feature we can distinguish between spray pumps and simple sprayers.

We carry brands like Birchmeier, Emsa, Blomus and Perel.

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Sprayer (0.50l)
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5.40for 3 Pieces
Birchmeier Sprayer (0.50l)
Spray bottle (1l)
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7.15for 3 Pieces
Ebnat Spray bottle (1l)
Pressure syringe (2l)
7.35was 9.95
Miogarden Pressure syringe (2l)
Cordless sprayers (15l)
Birchmeier Cordless sprayers (15l)
Super Star (1.25l)
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Birchmeier Super Star (1.25l)
Fuchsia (0.70l)
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8.90for 2 Pieces
Emsa Fuchsia (0.70l)
Urban Star 1.75 (1.75l)
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Birchmeier Urban Star 1.75 (1.75l)
EasyPump (1l)
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Gardena EasyPump (1l)
Fuchsia (0.70l)
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9.10for 2 Pieces
Emsa Fuchsia (0.70l)
FoamMaster FM 30 (3l)
Gloria Haus und Garten FoamMaster FM 30 (3l)
Sprühflasche (0.50l)
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5.60for 3 Pieces
Ebnat Sprühflasche (0.50l)
Foxy Plus (0.50l)
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7.45for 3 Pieces
Birchmeier Foxy Plus (0.50l)
Pump sprayer (0.75l)
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12.30for 2 Pieces
Gardena Pump sprayer (0.75l)
Pressure syringe (5l)
26.40was 35.–
Miogarden Pressure syringe (5l)
Professional Star 5 (5l)
Birchmeier Professional Star 5 (5l)

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