Best products in the Sprayers category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Micasa Vapo

2. Birchmeier Super Star

With brass nozzle and adjustable nozzle head. Now even more suitable for underleaf treatment. Spray in any position (360°). Transparent plastic container, recessed grips, ergonomic and efficient hand pump up to 3 bar operating pressure. Red overpressure valve and venting aid. Large filling opening. Rotatable and adjustable brass nozzle. 

Birchmeier Super Star (1.25 l)

Birchmeier Super Star

1.25 l


3. Miogarden Sprayer

4. Miogarden Pressure syringe

Miogarden Pressure syringe (2 l)

Miogarden Pressure syringe

2 l


5. Gardena Comfort

The Gardena Pressure Sprayer 5 L Comfort is ideal for the targeted application of pesticides or tonics in the garden. It is made of plastic with a wide viewing strip for checking the fill level. The capacity is 5 l. High quality adjustable spray nozzle. With large tread for easy pumping, safe standing and nozzle protection. A wide ergonomic D-handle makes the pressure sprayer easy to handle. The pulse trigger with permanent lock is also practical. Filter can be inserted for filling home-made suds. With safety pressure relief valve. 

6. Gardena Soft sprayer

The Gardena soft sprayer is ideal for gently watering delicate plants and seedlings. It is made of high-quality translucent plastic. The capacity is 0.45 l. To water, the soft sprayer is simply pressed together lightly. Maximum flexibility is provided by the drip nozzle and the spray head. The integrated storage option for the unused nozzle is practical. 

Gardena Soft sprayer (0.45 l)
Quantity discount
10.20per piece for 2 units

Gardena Soft sprayer

0.45 l


7. Emsa Fuchsia

Sprayer made of transparent plastic with durable and adjustable brass nozzle for extra fine spray mist. Also ideal as an ironing aid. Simply moisten the laundry with the extra fine spray and iron over once. 

Emsa Fuchsia (0.70 l)
Quantity discount
10.10per piece for 2 units

Emsa Fuchsia

0.70 l


8. Relaxdays Pump spray bottle

Versatile pump sprayer with brass nozzle. This sprayer is a practical tool for all hobby and professional gardeners. Use the pump to create pressure in the spray bottle and off you go. Use the hand pressure sprayer to optimally water the leaves of your plants. The intensity of the spray can be adjusted - from a fine mist to a powerful jet. The universal sprayer is also suitable for spraying pesticides or cleaning agents. The hand sprayer has a capacity of 2 litres. 

Relaxdays Pump spray bottle (2 l)

Relaxdays Pump spray bottle

2 l


9. Miogarden Steel flower sprayer

Miogarden Steel flower sprayer (0.50 l)

Miogarden Steel flower sprayer

0.50 l


10. Makita DUS054Z Battery Sprayer

XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology) with reinforced moisture and dust protection. Particularly compact and ergonomic design. 18 V.

Makita DUS054Z Battery Sprayer (5 l)

Makita DUS054Z Battery Sprayer

5 l