Garden hose nozzles

Garden sprinklers and garden sprayers are used as attachments to garden hoses to coordinate the water stream and achieve clean watering results. The sprayer refines the water stream and can be adjusted to a gentle rain for optimal watering of plants and the garden. In this regard, most garden sprayers have different spray options available, depending on the need of watering can be a light spray to a strong jet of water is needed. Important criteria when choosing the appropriate garden sprayer is, on the one hand, the compatibility with the hose connection, the number of spray functions and possibly also the material and ergonomics of the handle.

Alternatives to the sprayers are hose sprayers or watering sprayers. The water sprayers come in a compact form and regulate the amount of water using a twist cap. The shower wand, on the other hand, as another form of a hose attachment for garden watering, allows to supply water to hard-to-reach beds or pots due to the long neck.

Our range of hose sprayers, spray nozzles and watering rods includes various brands, such as Gardena and Kärcher.