A siphon is an odour- and gas-tight but liquid-permeable closure for pipe systems and vessels. The operating principle is based on an S-shaped pipe whose lower bend always remains filled with liquid and thus prevents the passage of duct gases. The most common application of the siphon is the odour trap of waste water pipes. 

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Lavabosiphon (1 1/4")
Geberit Lavabosiphon (1 1/4")
Flexible tube siphon (1")
22.80was 25.90
Xavax Flexible tube siphon (1")
Siphon connection (1")
8.15was 9.45
Xavax Siphon connection (1")
Siphonanschluss 90, 10 St./Polyb.
Xavax Siphonanschluss 90, 10 St./Polyb.
Siphonanschluss, 10 St./Polyb.
Xavax Siphonanschluss, 10 St./Polyb.
Captive plug basin waste,1 1/4in BSP M
RS Pro Captive plug basin waste,1 1/4in BSP M