Residual-current device

Explore our comprehensive range of residual-current devices (RCDs) designed to ensure the safety of electrical installations in homes, offices, and industrial environments. Our collection features a variety of circuit breaker types including Fire Protection Switches, Neutral Conductor Isolators, Miniature Circuit-Breaker/Residual Current Circuit-Breaker Combinations, Auxiliary Protectors, Capacitor Protectors, Fault Current Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Installation Protectors, and Residual Current Protection Blocks. Uncover products from top brands like ABB, Schneider Electric, Eaton, Hager, and Steffen, recognized for their quality and reliability.

Different RCD subtypes serve distinct purposes and come equipped with unique features. For example, a Fire Protection Switch is tailored to prevent electrical fires, while a Neutral Conductor Isolator provides added safety by disconnecting the neutral conductor in fault conditions. A Miniature Circuit-Breaker/Residual Current Circuit-Breaker Combination offers both overload and fault current protection. Additional subtypes like Auxiliary and Capacitor Protectors are specifically crafted to safeguard auxiliary circuits and capacitors, respectively. Fault Current Circuit Breakers are designed to detect and interrupt earth leakages and short circuits, whereas Miniature Circuit Breakers protect against overcurrents in smaller setups. Installation Protectors and Residual Current Protection Blocks are integral components for comprehensive protection in more complex installations.

When choosing the ideal RCD, consider the specific application and the type of protection required. Since various types cater to different protection needs, utilizing these properties to filter options can greatly simplify your search. Key factors may include the number of poles, tripping characteristics (such as B, C, or D curves), rated breaking capacities (measured in kA), tripping sensitivity (measured in mA), and the overall size of the circuit breaker to fit within your electrical panel. By understanding these properties and matching them with your electrical system's demands, customers can confidently select a residual-current device that offers both safety and efficiency.

Top-tier brands like ABB are renowned for their ground fault circuit interrupters, Schneider Electric is praised for advanced ground fault circuit interrupters as well, while Eaton's RCD circuit breakers are relied upon for their robust construction. The Hager's FI/LS series like their popular 4P 6kA C-16A 30mA A model ensures reliable protection with a specific tripping sensitivity. Lastly, Steffen's FI adapter represents a practical solution for added protection without major installation changes. Shop with confidence, knowing that our assortment includes these trusted industry leaders, delivering premium solutions for electrical circuit protection.