Pool accessories

You're lucky enough to own a swimming pool, a whirlpool or even both? How about boosting your feel-good experience with the right accessories?

Depending on whether you have an inflatable pool or whirlpool
or a permanently installed model, you can increase your pool's service life with tarpaulins, floor protection tiles or solar covers. Our product range includes a range of products that help you install your pool, such as air pumps, adapters or salt water systems. If you're looking to ensure good hygiene, have a look at our range of cartridge filters, cleaning utensils, sand filter systems or water quality products.

Never forget about fun and comfort! How about adding some accessories such as an in-pool ladders, additional air jets and benches, spa bars and drink holders, heat pumps, pool lights, pool sprayers, pool waterfalls or the right atmospheric lighting.

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    Krystal Clear Salzwasser System (salt water system, water quality)
    Intex Krystal Clear Salzwasser System (salt water system, water quality)
    Chlorine dispenser (Accessories, water quality)
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    Intex Chlorine dispenser (Accessories, water quality)
    Filter cartridge type A (cartridge filters)
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    Intex Filter cartridge type A (cartridge filters)
    Crystal Clear (Adapter, cartridge filters)
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    Intex Crystal Clear (Adapter, cartridge filters)

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