Kitchen faucets

In the kitchen, we speak of kitchen fittings. These are sometimes subdivided into low-pressure and high-pressure fittings. A kitchen tap is installed above the kitchen sink or washbasin. When choosing a kitchen tap, you should pay particular attention to how far above the sink the tap should be. If you choose a kitchen tap with a high spout, you have much more space to wash larger dishes or pans without damaging them, or simply to wash a salad. In direct comparison to bathroom taps, kitchen taps are usually not fixed in a fixed position, but can be swivelled from left to right.

The shape of the kitchen tap is an important factor in the selection. The tap should fit the size and style of the kitchen. For example, a curved tap can help complement the style of a modern kitchen, while a straight tap is better suited to a classic kitchen. In the kitchen, it can be practical if the tap offers a shower with a pull-out hose. This increases in one fell swoop the possible uses of the fixture, for example by making it easier to rinse the whole sink, reach parts of the body other than the hands much more easily, or do the dishes more hygienically.

A current trend is water-saving taps, or water-saving taps that automatically reduce the volume of water flowing through them.

In our range, we offer a large selection of kitchen tap fittings from the brands Grohe, Franke, Diaqua and many more.