BBQ thermometers

A grill thermometer, also known as a roast or meat thermometer, is used to measure the core temperature of the grilled food and/or the circulating air temperature in the cooking chamber. This makes barbecue thermometers a useful aid to achieving your perfect barbecue experience. They are important helpers, for example, for thick steaks, pulled pork or fish.
The main advantages here are that they save you regular checks and measure directly in the grilled food - because lid thermometers only show the much higher temperature directly under the lid.

What types of barbecue thermometers are there?
In addition to inexpensive and simple insertion thermometers, you can basically distinguish between two types, analog and digital models.

Analog grill thermometers you know from your own kitchen, namely the roast thermometer. They work without electronics and since they only have one probe, you can only measure the core temperature of the grilled food. Also, you always have to open the lid to see the temperature readings because they don't have an extension. As a result, heat is lost in the grill or smoke in the smoker. The big advantage, however, is the price.

With the digital versions, the readings are processed electronically. The probe is connected to the thermometer with a heat-resistant cable, so you can see the temperature outside the cooking chamber. The accuracy is higher than with the analog thermometer and sometimes even two or more measuring probes, the so-called temperature probes, are available. In addition, they are often equipped with nice features such as minimum & maximum temperature, alarm functions, cooking chamber temperature measurement and app control via wireless transmission or Bluetooth and can be programmed. In any case, all wireless variants ensure that you can make yourself comfortable while grilling with a cold drink or with your guests.