Karibu Jarin with roof wreath

9 KW Bio external control

Sauna door

Sauna heater type

A 68mm thick construction, consisting of a frame construction with 42mm thick mineral insulation wool and a covering on the visible side made of 12.5mm special softline profiled wood, keeps the heat optimally inside the sauna. The ceiling consists of a 57mm thick special board with mineral insulation wool. The sauna has 3 benches made of aspen wood for relaxation and well-being. With an optionally available 9kW sauna oven, you can quickly bring the interior up to temperature. For the oven you can choose between a variant with integrated control, a variant with external control or a 9kW bio-combi oven. This guarantees the right thing for everyone. With an optional roof ring including three LED spots you can illuminate your sauna from the outside and set it perfectly in scene. You enter the interior through a sauna door. Here you can choose between four possible variants. Whether classic with bronzed glass, modern with graphite-coloured glass, plain with clear door glass or matching with an energy-saving, thermally insulated wooden door with clear insulating glass. The prefabricated wall and ceiling elements make it easy to assemble. Adapt the sauna to your needs with our optional accessories. An ergonomic headrest for optimum lying comfort, an ergonomic backrest for perfect relaxation or a modern sauna light for the right ambience. Enjoy the peace and quiet after a strenuous working day with an extensive sauna session and recover from everyday life. Reduce the energy consumption when taking a sauna with the 68mm Jarin system sauna.

Key specifications

Sauna type
Home sauna
Room area
3.40 m²
Sauna door
All glass door in graphite look
Number of benches
3 x
210 cm
210 cm
202 cm
Item number