Kärcher Professional HD 5/12 CX Plus

CH version, Electrical connection
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The compact, lightweight and versatile HD 5/12 CX Plus cold water high-pressure cleaner impresses with excellent mobility and is suitable for both standing and lying operation. The device is equipped with a sophisticated accessory storage and promises a long service life thanks to the brass cylinder head and automatic pressure relief. Also included in the equipment package are the newly developed Easy.Force high-pressure gun and Easy.Lock quick-release fasteners. While the Easy.Force high-pressure gun utilizes the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force to zero, the Easy. Lock quick-release fasteners allow 5 times faster handling compared to conventional screw connections without sacrificing robustness and durability. Fatigue-free work and time-saving assembly and disassembly are thus on board as standard and are representative of the successful overall concept of the device.

Key specifications

Max. pressure
115 bar
High-pressure washer application range
House & Facade
28.70 kg
Cable length
0.38 m
2200 W
Item number