Kärcher Professional HD 4/11 C BP Plus

CH version, Rechargeable battery operated

Rechargeable high pressure cleaner, HD 4/11 C Bp, 36 V rechargeable battery series.
Economical and efficient eco!efficiency setting - saves energy and extends the battery running time.
Reduces the effort required to clean lighter dirt. Highest possible degree of flexibility, quality and mobility. High cleaning capacity and long running times.
Our HD 4/11 C Bp Battery is the first battery powered high pressure cleaner that is suitable for professional applications. It can be operated horizontally or vertically and will delight the user with a range of high-quality equipment features, such as a brass cylinder head, automatic pressure relief and a sophisticated accessory storage system. Also included is the EASY!Force high pressure pistol, which uses the recoil force of the water jet and thereby reduces the effort required to hold it to zero, while the EASY!Lock snap fastenings are connected five times as fast as conventional screw connections without compromising robustness and durability. The device is ideal for caretakers, for use in horticulture or for communal tasks, and operates using two powerful 36 V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are not included in the delivery. The rechargeable batteries from our 36 V rechargeable battery series are compatible with other devices from the same series, guaranteeing long periods of use and very high cleaning capacities. Using the eco!efficiency setting is recommended for lighter dirt, which extends the battery running time to up to 34 minutes. Included in delivery - Rechargeable battery - Suction hose - Pressure cut-off - Dirt grinder - Spray lance, 840 mm - Hand-held spray pistol, EASY!Force - Battery charger - Spray lance, rotating.

Key specifications

Max. pressure
110 bar
High-pressure washer application range
Fences + smaller garden paths, Garden + stone walls, Gardening machines + tools
Maximum flow rate
320 l/h
23.01 kg
Cable length
1.20 m
1600 W
Item number