Kärcher K4 Silent Home

CH version, Electrical connection

The K4 Silent Edition Home with its innovative silent function works extra quietly and presents itself with a 50% lower noise level. The pressure washer is equipped with a long-life water-cooled motor and is suitable for medium soiling such as that found on fences, garden furniture or patios. The device offers an additional Home Kit with Surface Cleaner T 350 for splash-free and effective cleaning of larger surfaces as well as the 3-in-1 Stone and Facade Cleaner in the 1-l bottle. In addition, the K 4 Silent Edition Home scores points with other attractive comfort features. These include, for example, the PremiumFlex hose with anti-twist system, which effectively prevents the formation of knots or loops and thus avoids tripping hazards due to cable tangles from the outset. In addition, there is the elastic storage strap for the high-pressure hose and electric cable as well as two carrying handles and a telescopic handle for outstanding mobility.

Optional installation service Wohlen branch

If you collect the unit from the shop in Wohlen, you can ask the shop manager to have the unit installed. You will then receive the unit installed, ready for use and, if you wish, without packaging. This service is free of charge. If you would like to use this service, select the option "Pick up at a Digitec shop" and then the shop "Wohlen". You can then register your wish for installation at the checkout in Wohlen.

Key specifications

Max. pressure
130 bar
High-pressure washer application range
Bicycles, Garden + stone walls, Gardening machines + tools, Motorcycles & Scooters, Outdoor furniture, Small cars
Maximum flow rate
420 l/h
10.70 kg
Cable length
5 m
1800 W
Item number