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Kärcher K 2

CH version, Electrical connection


The equipment of the K2 includes two smooth-running tires, a gun, a 4 m long high-pressure hose, a single jet pipe, a dirt cutter with rotating spot jet against the most stubborn dirt and a water filter to protect the pump from penetrating dirt particles. The high-pressure cleaner was built for occasional use and lighter soiling around the house. This includes, for example, contamination on bicycles, garden tools or garden furniture.

Optional installation service Wohlen branch

If you collect the unit from the shop in Wohlen, you can ask the shop manager to have the unit installed. You will then receive the unit installed, ready for use and, if you wish, without packaging. This service is free of charge. If you would like to use this service, select the option "Pick up at a Digitec shop" and then the shop "Wohlen". You can then register your wish for installation at the checkout in Wohlen.

Key specifications

Max. pressure
110 bar
High-pressure washer application range
Bicycles, Gardening machines + tools, Outdoor furniture
Maximum flow rate
360 l/h
4.78 kg
Cable length
5 m
1400 W
Item number