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The corkscrew for DIY enthusiasts

There are handy sommelier knives, simple winged corkscrews, premium electric wine openers – and then there’s Bosch’s IXO corkscrew adapter. This device lets DIY enthusiasts open their bottle of wine with an electric screwdriver.

I’m a fan of electric screwdrivers. What a great and multifunctional tool: screwing, drilling, grinding and sawing – with the right adapter, an electric screwdriver can do just about everything. It’s no surprise Bosch’s IXO corkscrew adapter caught my eye. This adapter gives me reason to take my beloved tool into the kitchen.

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This adapter comes in a simple yet high-quality design, featuring brushed stainless steel. You might say it looks somewhat conservative, but I don’t mind that. This product isn't about looks – it's all about what happens when you combine it with the small IXO cordless screwdriver. Simply stick this adapter on and the cork twists out of any wine bottle with ease.

Some wine enthusiasts may disagree, but I think this corkscrew is great. Come on, it lets you draw the cork from a wine bottle with an electric screwdriver – how cool is that!? Enough to win me over. Makes enjoying a good glass of wine even more fun. And is sure to cause a stir at your next dinner party.

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Extend the possibilities of the IXO with the individually available attachments. For the great fun of the extraordinary and the everyday


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ja, gibt nichts romantischeres als nen Akkuschreiber und dessen Geräusche bei nem Date... :D

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The product description promises that opening your favorite beverage is now a zip! This giant zipper opens bottles with the same ease a zipper keeps together a sweatshirt. It also has a magnet for easy storage