Best products in the Skateboard accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Bones Bearings Bearing Cleaner

Finally, a bearing cleaning unit brought to you by the bearing company by which all quality standards are measured.


Made of fluorinated high density polyethylene

7 spacers for a good flush in less time

Cleans up to 8 bearings at a time

Cleans all skate bearings

Bearings and solvents not included


A detailed instruction sheet will also be included with the unit to insure easy and proper use.

2. Grizzly blank grip tape

3. Deuba T-Tool

Always with you when skating. Handy 5-fold multifunctional tool with integrated hexagonal wrench and Phillips. The T-Tool is ideal for mounting skateboards, longboardsand miniboards and includes: 3x hexagon socket wrench, 1x Phillips wrench, 1x hexagon wrench. Product advantages: user-friendly 5-fold tool. All in one multifunction tool. Hexagonal wrench/cross slot integrated in the main wrench to save space. 3 nut sizes for wheel nut, bolt nut, king pin nut, sturdy steel, high quality, light weight - easy to store. Technical data: Material: PVC + steel. Size: 10.8 x 10 x 2.1cm. Weight: 118g. Package contents: 1 x T-Tool skateboard wrench. 

4. Minilogo M33895

Universal Fit 8 Washers for 2 Trucks.

5. Bronson Speed Co. High Speed Ceramic Oil


Precision air synthetic oil blended with nano ceramic compounds for unparalleled speed and wear protection. Excellent protection
of contact surfaces against moisture, rust and corrosion. 

6. Odi Grips Licence plate - black

* Easy to assemble and disassemble
* Durable polymer construction
* Aaron Gwin signature sticker included
* Fits most DH Dual Crown forks
* Curved design
allows cables to be hidden behind the board
* Mounts with cable ties (not included).

7. Orangatang Knuckles Medium Bushings (2Set)

JUICIER BOUNCE, TIGHTER PACKAGE. Crafted for quick turning response and smooth edge-to-edge transitions, Orangatang Knuckles are the ultimate high-energy bushingupgrade for carving, pumping, dancing, and freestyle longboarding. Orange = Soft Purple = Medium What's in the box? Pack contains two insert barrel bushings, two gumdrop bushings, two large cup washers, and two small cup washers. Packaging may vary. LONGBOARD BUSHING SPECS Diameter: 0.95" (24.1 mm) Height (gumdrop): 0.64" (16.3 mm) Height (inset barrel): 0.59" (15 mm) barrel + 0.075" (1.91 mm) insert = 0.665" (16.9 mm) total Formula: Randy Thane Durometers: soft (orange, 87a), medium (purple, 90a) RECOMMENDED WEIGHT RANGES Soft: 65-190+ lbs / 29-86+ kg Medium: 130-230+ lbs / 59-104+ kg. 

8. Independent Cylinder Cushions (2Set)

-Ultra high rebound urethane formula

-Properly sized to fit Independent trucks

-Available in Standard Cylinder, Standard Conical, and Low Conical.

9. Tikki SKATE.CH X Magnani Griptape

10. Seismic Lokton Griptape sheet 11x40" 2019

Seismic Lokton Griptape sheet 11x40" 2019
40×11-inch sheet of 36-grit Lokton™ griptape with continuouslasercut hole pattern. Colour: Midnight Blue.
Available in
Honeycomb, Metal-Plate, and Ninja. Hole patterns decrease weight by up to 40%, while hole edges increase grip.
Noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier. Grit stays ultra-sharp, doesn't flake off. No smearing or peeling, even in heat or rain. The best grip in the history of grip. Lock in with Lokton™!
Apply Lokton only to clean, dry deck surfaces at room temperature. For best results, follow these directions:
1) If deck is coated with excess lacquer, buff with fine sandpaper and clean off residue with Naptha.
2) Use a blow dryer or heat gun to warm up Lokton after removing release paper but before placing on deck.
3) Place on deck, then immediately apply pressure by standing on all areas of the Lokton.
4) Trim edges by cutting from the top. Do not bend or file edges, as this can cause excessive grain shedding.
Lokton does not always adhere well to the top of other grip tape, but it will conform to the contours of most concaves and implants. The Ninja lasercut conforms more easily to deeper concaves.
The PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) on the back of Lokton is some of the best, most heat-resistant on the market. However, it does not always bond well to unusual combinations of deck-top materials and finishes, especially certain types of Formica and heavy lacquer. Your results may vary.