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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Streetsurfing The Wave

Waveboard The Wave is the ideal board for surfing through the streets. The two independent decks are connected by a torsion bar, which allows for an agile ride. The smooth-running, 360° swiveling wheels feature ABEC-7 ball bearings, making the board especially easy to ride and steer. Cruising with the waveboard is not only huge fun, it also trains body control, strength and endurance as well as balance and motor skills. Unlike a skateboard, you don't need to push off with your foot on a waveboard. Instead, you pick up speed with the help of undulating movements with your hips and legs - just like on a surfboard. In this way, you can even overcome inclines and perform jumps. The anti-slip nubs on the surface provide grip so that you always have a secure footing during your maneuvers and tricks. 

2. Hudora Skateboard Torrance ABEC 5

With the complete skateboard Torrance from Hudora you can climb up and experience the skate pass. With this great skateboard you can gain experience but also experienced skaters have a lot of fun with this board. The Hudora skateboard Torrance is a board made of high quality 9-ply maple wood double kick, concave non-slip griptape, 5 inch heavy-duty V-shape aluminium truck, PUC wheels, Ø 50 x 30 mm ball bearing ABEC 5, chrome dimensions 78.8 x 19.7 cm. Max. User weight 100 kg. Size: approx. 78.8 cm x 19.7 cm; deck: 9-ply Canadian maple; double kick rollers: PUC-rolls Ø 50 x 30 mm; Extras: Non-slip Griptape, Heavy-Duty V-Shape-Aluminum-Truck- From approx. 5 years; Attention. Not suitable for children under 5 years. Please always use with appropriate protective equipment. 

Hudora Skateboard Torrance ABEC 5 (31.02 ")

Hudora Skateboard Torrance ABEC 5

31.02 "


3. Schildkröt Ocean Drive

With the waveboard Good Vibes you get the necessary momentum forward through wave-like movements. A must for every roller sports enthusiast. The large plastic deck with anti-slip studs, which is also suitable for large shoe sizes, ensures a safe and firm stand during the ride. Both platforms are connected by a flexible torsion spring. Thanks to the incredible maneuverability the Waveboard allows a fast locomotion. The 360 degree swiveling caster, equipped with PU wheels and ABEC7 ball bearings, ensure a smooth ride and long-lasting fun. A riding experience that you could only experience on water or snow before. Waveboarding is not only incredibly fun, it also keeps you fit and trains your muscles and sense of balance. 

4. Area Longboard Fish and Horse

Drop shape, wide drop-through axles and high quality processed wood. These area longboards inspire individualists and connoisseurs who want to surf the streets like on a wave of the sea. As an advanced rider, you will appreciate the riding characteristics of the skateboard. It offers a wide, safe stand and high comfort. In addition, there is the unmistakable look. You should buy this board if you enjoy riding in style. The board is suitable especially for adults. 

Area Longboard Fish and Horse (45.90 ")

Area Longboard Fish and Horse

45.90 "


5. NoName Urban Street Launchramp

Rampage Skate Ramp Launch Ramp The ramp for the private skate park - The Rampage Skate Ramp Launch Ramp is the absolute highlight at every skate park. Whether for inline skates, BMX bikes or skateboarding, simply set it up and get going! Thanks to the special anti-slip material, anchoring to the ground is not necessary. The portable ramp is made of a robust cast plastic. This guarantees the Rampage Skateramps a high stability and durability. - Product details - Dimensions LxWxH 98x71x30 cm - Weight approx. 5 kg - Made of robust cast plastic and anti-slip material - Anchors in the ground are not required - Loadable up to 90 kg Product type: Mobile Skate Ramps. 

NoName Urban Street Launchramp (39.37 ")

NoName Urban Street Launchramp

39.37 "

6. Area Slide Cruiser 22

7. M-Wave Bike basket BA-RM Along

Bag type: Bike basket, Additional compartments: Main compartment, Volume: 0 l, Rain cover: No, Colour: Black, Type of sport: Cycling

- Particularly stable and high quality

- Reinforced main and side struts

- Mounting position: mounting on the luggage carrier

- Rain cover: No.

M-Wave Bike basket BA-RM Along (17.91 ")

M-Wave Bike basket BA-RM Along

17.91 "


8. Streetsurfing Wave Mini SL Blocks

Speziell für die ersten Fahrversuche kleinerer Boarder entwickelt; leichte Bauweise, etwas kürzeres aber breiteres Deck; speziell für Kids bis Grösse 130 cm bzw. 6-9 Jahre. Ausgestattet mit 360 Grad schwenkbaren PU Rollen, Griptape für sicheren Halt, leichtläufige Abec 5 Kugellager.

Streetsurfing Wave Mini SL Blocks (29.13 ")

Streetsurfing Wave Mini SL Blocks

29.13 "


9. Deuba Mini Cruiser

Perfect for the cityThe compact mini board combines all the properties of a good skateboard. Thanks to its practical size, you can take the board with you everywhere. For the whole familyWith the skateboard in trendy colors, children from the age of 5 learn to skateboard very easily.Parents can also have fun on the stable mini board with a maximum load of 100kg (220.46 lb). Experience vintage in a new wayThis model is a modernized remake of a very popular vintage mini board from the 70s and 80s.The retro board with 60mm (2.36") / 54mm (2.12") PU wheels is equipped with modern precision ball bearing ABEC7. The non-slip surface of the kickpad is made of durable PU. SecurityYou have a secure footing and optimal conditions for cool tricks and hot rides even in rainy weather. The rollers with PU dampers mounted on balls are very robust and reliable and easy to grip even on the wildest journey. 

10. Schildkröt Grinder

Turtle Funsports Skateboard Grinder.