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1. Hudora Skateboard Wolf Instinct ABEC 1

The Hudora Skateboard Wolf Instinct ABEC 1 is a technically solid and excitingly designed skateboard for all those who are still at the beginning of skating. With the Wolf Instinct you don't just have to watch in the skate park anymore. Of course you can skate everywhere, but in the skatepark you have all possibilities to practice tricks and exchange with other skaters. There is probably hardly a community that is as open and supportive as the skateboarding community. The Hudora skateboard Wolf Instinct ABEC 1 impresses with its valuable, chic deck made of high-quality maple wood and its 5" heavy-duty Seagull aluminium trucks. The non-slip griptape provides good grip for tricks. 

Hudora Skateboard Wolf Instinct ABEC 1 (31.02")

Hudora Skateboard Wolf Instinct ABEC 1



2. Slide Graffiti Pete

The 28 inch skateboards from Slide convince with the cool trendy designs and high-quality workmanship. The boards with a length of 28 inches are well suited for small children's feet and offer good skating fun for children aged about 6-8 years. Beginners can quickly learn small tricks thanks to the concave double kick design. These skateboards promote the physical and mental development of your child. Skating stresses the ability to concentrate, balance and agility. Experience first tricks and successes together. Product Details The 28 inch skateboards from Slide have an Abce 3 ball bearing and a up to 80 kg strong and resilient laminated wood. The 54 mm wheels with a hardness of 92a run extremely smoothly and flawlessly. The two axles are made of sturdy aluminum and offer a very smooth steering. 

3. Hudora Skateboard Rainglow

The semi-transparent Retro Board Rainglow from Hudora lives up to its name. Eight colourful LEDs turn the Minicruiser into a dazzling surfing machine. So skating is twice the fun. This skateboard, whose style reminds of the boards of the mid 70s, is a real "classic cruiser" with a lot of flexibility for smooth and exciting cruising in the jungle of the big city. LED illuminated, stable and flexible skateboard. Semi-transparent PP Deck. Dimensions approx. 57 x 15 cm. Aluminium trucks. 3.5" Cast high-rebound PU rollers, Ø 59 x 40 mm, 78 A. Ball bearing ABEC 7. Max. User weight 100 kg. Batteries are not included in the delivery. Requires 4 x AAA 1.5 V batteries. 

4. Schildkröt Ocean Drive

With the waveboard Good Vibes you get the necessary momentum forward through wave-like movements. A must for every roller sports enthusiast. The large plastic deck with anti-slip studs, which is also suitable for large shoe sizes, ensures a safe and firm stand during the ride. Both platforms are connected by a flexible torsion spring. Thanks to the incredible maneuverability the Waveboard allows a fast locomotion. The 360 degree swiveling caster, equipped with PU wheels and ABEC7 ball bearings, ensure a smooth ride and long-lasting fun. A riding experience that you could only experience on water or snow before. Waveboarding is not only incredibly fun, it also keeps you fit and trains your muscles and sense of balance. 

5. Toi-Toys Finger skateboard with light and extra wheels

Skate board finger skateboard with light t and additional wheels, assorted colors.

Toi-Toys Finger skateboard with light and extra wheels
Quantity discount
5.50per piece for 3 units

Toi-Toys Finger skateboard with light and extra wheels


6. Razor RipStik Ripster

Details: Ball bearing standard: Abec 5. load capacity: 79 kg. Color: Multicolor. Sport type: Skateboard.

7. Star Skateboards Retroskateboard

STAR-SKATEBOARDS Vintage Retro Cruiser Skateboard from 6 - 8 years | Mint & Purple.

Star Skateboards Retroskateboard (22.05")

Star Skateboards Retroskateboard



8. Razor RipStik Air Pro

The precise steering is very pleasant without even taking your foot off the board. Even tricks, jumps and unusual moves can be performed without any problems. An ideal training for balance and coordination and lots of fun at the same time promises this waveboard in any case. The ribbed surface is designed to counter temporary vibrations and improve the turning characteristics. The Grip-Tape coating also offers a perfect grip. The two sturdy castors are located centrally under the one-piece board and together with the ABEC-5 ball bearing they provide a unique riding experience. 


Dragons mini wooden skateboard 43x12x8 cm.

10. Enuff Splat

This board comes in two colours and is ideal for younger riders who are looking for their first proper skateboard. With its high-quality components, they’ll be pushing, rolling and learning tricks in no time.