Best Speedo products in the Swimming equipment category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Speedo products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Speedo Pullbuoy Foam

Train harder and improve your arm technique with the classic Pullbuoy. Designed to isolate the upper body, the Pullbuoy provides buoyancy between the legs so you can refine your arm stroke and improve your swimming technique. Without the propulsion of your legs, your arms and shoulders take the load, improving upper body strength and endurance while swimming. Use it to improve your body position for more speed and efficiency. improved comfort due to rounded design. Ideal for learning drills and technique work. Arm Strength - A pullbuoy can be used in every stroke to isolate the muscles in the upper body and force them to do the work of propulsion. Endurance - Increased buoyancy keeps the body in a better position even when fatigued, making it easier to swim longer. Material: EVA 

2. Speedo Kick Board

Train your kick technique and strengthen your legs. The kickboard is great for technique drills because it puts the emphasis on the lower body and provides buoyancy so you can focus on perfecting the push-off phase of your swim stroke. Without the support of your arms, your lower body has to work harder to propel you through the water, which helps build leg strength and muscle endurance. The kickboard is comfortably shaped and features grip holes for a comfortable swimming experience. 

3. Speedo NEW Biofuse Earplug

Flexible earplugs to protect against water penetration.

4. Speedo Finger

Get more out of your workout when you wear Biofuse finger paddles. Designed to allow for a better feel of the water while putting less stress on your shoulders, the finger paddles increase water resistance and increase the intensity of your upper body workout. A must-have for technique sessions, the paddles help you focus on your hand positioning in the water and improve your catch position and pull. Speedo Biofuse technology for maximum comfort and fit; stroke technique - Finger paddles help you focus on your hand positioning in the water, improving your catch position and arm pull. Upper Body Strength - Finger paddles increase resistance in the water, which increases the intensity of your workout and improves upper body strength and power. Material: PP, TPR and silicone. 

5. Speedo Tech

With the help of the Tech Paddle by Speedo you can easily achieve the best position of your hands in the water and thus further improve your swimming technique. This perfectly crafted paddle impresses with a hydrodynamic design for optimal contact with the water, has important flow holes and is your perfect companion for training your arm, shoulder and back muscles. 

6. Speedo Ergo

Speedo earplugs are ergonomically designed for the best fit. They are easy to insert and remove.

7. Speedo Universal

Thanks to a memory plastic frame, the clamp fits perfectly and the soft cushions ensure a high level of comfort.

8. Speedo Power Paddle

Help improve technique and increase muscle tone.
The Biofuse Power Paddle provides water resistance so your arms, shoulders and back work harder, faster and better.
Increase muscle tone, Endurance®, speed and distance per stroke while improving stroke technique with this powerful paddle. It promotes high elbows and proper hand entry into the water for more efficient stroke technique and energy conservation, which are important for long-distance swimming.

Speedo Biofuse technology ensures maximum comfort and fit

Size: M.

9. Speedo Competition Noseclip

Speedo's nose-clip is equipped with a memory plastic frame for optimal fit and soft silicone padding for maximum comfort. With reusable case for safe storage.

Speedo Competition Noseclip
Swimming equipment
Quantity discount
10.10 per piece for 2 units

Speedo Competition Noseclip

10. Speedo Ergo Earplug

Details: Soft ergonomic ear protection. Easy handling.