Swimming goggles

From Arena to Speedo - we have a wide range of swimming goggles for women, men and children. Whether you are a competition or recreational swimmer, snorkeler or diver, a good pair of swimming goggles not only ensures a clear view under water, but also protects your eyes from chlorine, germs or UV radiation. There are swimming goggles for different head shapes and different types of water sports, mirrored and non-mirrored goggles. And of course swimming goggles in extraordinary designs: trendy colours give your swimming goggles a unique look. Depending on the price range, the swimming goggles have a higher quality finish and offer greater comfort. Competition goggles are smaller and harder, swimming goggles for recreational swimmers are softer and larger. Swimming goggles for indoor and outdoor conditions generally have polarized lenses or a light tint for indoor swimming, or darker tints, with higher UV protection, for outdoor swimming.