At Galaxus you'll find a wide selection of fins for diving, snorkeling and swimming. Among the well-known swimming brands Speedo, Aqua Lung, Mint Lama, Tunturi or Cressi you will surely find the right fin model. Starting from diving fins, standard fins in different colors and split fins with split fin blade to short solid rubber fins - the selection is huge. Swim fins are often used as a swimming aid. By using fins, athletes train their technique, strength and endurance. Beginners, advanced or professional swimmers use fins to practice a steady water position and improve their propulsion by displacing more water. Fins can therefore be a support for you in crawl, backstroke or dolphin swimming. When buying fins, you should pay attention to the blade hardness of your fins. The blade hardness determines the resistance you experience when you stroke your fins. Another important point is the material of the joints that connect the foot part with the fin blade. The joints determine how much force is transferred directly or indirectly to the blade at which moment of the fin stroke and thus provide for your propulsion.