Snowboard boots

Snowboard boots are essential for snowboarding. They are part of the standard equipment and form the link between the snowboarder and his snowboard. Here at Galaxus you can find snowboard boots from well-known manufacturers like Burton, Nitro and Salomon.

When buying a snowboard boot, factors like shell hardness, lacing system and boot size are crucial. Softer shell hardnesses are suitable for beginners. They are comfortable and forgive riding mistakes. Freestylers and jibbers appreciate the flexibility when trick riding. A medium stiff boot is supportive while riding and increases control and responsiveness without sacrificing comfort. If you are an advanced rider and ride all over the mountain, these boots are recommended for you. Snowboard boots with a hard flex are suitable for inveterate carvers, freeriders and splitboarders.

When it comes to lacing, it depends on your preference. Boots with a classic lacing have the advantage that you can adjust the lacing as you like. Also, these shoes are cheaper and the laces can be easily replaced. Quick lacing systems, so-called Quick-Lace-Systems, are quick to use and provide an even distribution of pressure. Snowboard boots with a BOA system guarantee you a tight fit and an adjustment accurate to the millimeter. Putting on and taking off is the fastest with this system.

A snowboard boot fits perfectly when you stand with the tip of your toe lightly touching the inner boot. If you take a bent position, as in snowboarding, your toe should have enough room to move. To determine your shoe size, you can use the EU shoe sizes as a guide. Even more accurate is the so-called Mondopoint. The Mondopoint is the foot length in millimeters, measured from the heel to the toe plus 5 millimeters for clearance.