With the right snowboard you can turn the mountains into your playground and ride snow hills like a surfer rides his waves. Size, profile, shape, flex and your riding level decide which board you will conquer the slopes with. The right length and hardness tell you your height, weight and riding style. Manufacturers like Nitro, Ride, K2, Salomon or Burton indicate in size tables which snowboard is suitable for which type.

Basically, the longer the snowboard, the more stable and grippy it is. As a soft board is more forgiving of mistakes, it is especially suitable for beginners who are not yet riding fast. A hard board, which is able to keep the track even at high speed, suits you as an advanced rider. If you have a big shoe size (bigger than EU 44) you should consider snowboards in "Wide".

An all-mountain board is a good all-rounder for everyone, because it is suitable for deep snow, slopes and park. Depending on the riding level, different shapes and profiles are suitable, but the most common shape is a directional shape and with classic camber preload. For tricks in the pipe, on kickers and on rails the freestyle board is the right companion. It usually has a directional twin or true twin shape to land backwards as well. Hybrid Camber or Hybrid Rocker profiles are the most common preloads. Freeride and powder boards are suitable for the days with deep snow. A wide nose and a narrow tail result in the so-called Tapered Shape. Paired with a directional flex (softer at the front, harder at the back) the board provides optimal lift in deep snow. Freeride and powder boards are usually equipped with a lot of rocker in the nose and camber in the tail.

The technically ingenious splitboard is completely different: It can be dismantled lengthwise into two separate parts for ascents and long tours. Special skins on the underside of the board prevent it from slipping back when climbing mountains. Once you reach the top, the split board is put together to form a complete board in no time at all, which you can use to ride down the mountain again.
If you are not sure which snowboard binding fits to your snowboard, we recommend you to have a look at our snowboard sets.