The paddle or double paddle is a crucial companion for many water sports. We have everything from the beginner's model made of plastic or aluminium to the high-quality paddle made of carbon. The paddle is not only for locomotion, but is also a steering and braking device. A stable and light paddle can be very valuable for long trips with a stand up paddle or kayak. 

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Indiana - Fibreglass Telescope (220cm, 3-piece)

Indiana - Fibreglass Telescope (215cm, 3-piece)

Season - paddles

Season - Paddle (230cm)

Panda SUP - 3-Parts Adj. Shaft, Double Bolt

Fanatic - FA - Paddle - Carbon 35 Adj. 3-Piece - 7.25" (3-piece)

Fanatic - Pure (220cm, 3-piece)

Fanatic - Ripper Pure (160cm, 3-piece)

Egalis - Swing (230cm, 2-piece)

Sevylor - KB Hobby (250cm, 2-piece)

Airboard - Fiberglass (220cm, 3-piece)

Fanatic - Carbon 25 HD Adjustable (220cm, 1-piece)

Panda SUP - 3 K 70 Carbon FF-Bamboo (223cm, 3-piece)

Jilong - Super Strong Aluminum 137cm (137cm)

Bestway - HF Fiberglass (217cm, 2-piece)