Bike protective gear

Protectors for the bike area protect against injuries such as bruises, abrasions and broken bones. Especially in mountain biking protectors are recommended as a supplement to helmets, gloves and glasses. There are suitable protectors for almost every part of the body. The most common applications are knee, elbow and back protection. Protectors for skiing can be found under "Ski & Snowboard Protectors".

As a general rule, the thicker the schooner, the higher its protective effect. Also the fit is important, because a badly fitting protector slips and then does not offer optimal protection. Protectors with plastic hard shells guarantee a particularly high protection factor and are suitable for high-risk downhill rides. Thinner and lighter schooners are used in the Allmountain and Enduro ranges. Particularly practical are protectors that can be put on sideways without having to take off your shoes.

There are also differences in the different foam materials. Cheaper schooners are padded with foam and offer good ventilation. High-quality schooners are equipped with special shock-absorbing materials, such as the well-known "D3O" and "SAS-TEC" materials. You remain flexible during wearing. In an impact, the material hardens like an airbag and spreads the impact over the entire body part.

Back protectors are available in different variations. Lightweight shirts are suitable for all-mountain use and offer minimal protection. Individual back sections, some of which are equipped with hip belts, guarantee a high degree of freedom of movement. Roost-Guards have the same characteristics, but offer additional protection for chest and shoulders. Vests are a good compromise between protection and comfort. Compression jackets that offer maximum protection in the event of an accident go one step further.