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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Micro Knee / Elbow Pad Black S

2. Poc VPD System

The VPD System Torso is a new chest and back protector with focus on comfort, ventilation and protection level. Thanks to the unique design and materials used, the Torso is a minimalist protector that never bothers the wearer. The Torso is designed to provide versatile protection, whether above or below the jersey, and a high level of comfort.VPDThe VPD (viscoelastic polymer dough) product range offers extreme shock absorption, which has opened up a completely new approach to protector development for POC. VPD is highly shock-absorbent, comfortable and adapts to the wearer. To create a custom fit and due to its high level of protection and ability to change from soft to hard on impact, you don't have to choose between safety and flexibility.many protectors are lightweight but may not be optimal for shock absorption. Some can take a shock with good shock absorption, but a second shock to the protector will transfer a much higher amount of energy to the user, the third will transfer an even greater amount, and so on. VPD material retains the same high level of absorption and this is an important property for POC, as they believe that a protector has to take several impacts during a fall and during its lifetime. - Type of protector: Soft-Hard-Combination - Base material: VPD-material - Delivery (quantity): single - Details: - Made in 3D-method - Minimalistic design with big shoe-effect, no vest construction - Optimal ventilation under the straps and at the sides - Protection certificate back: EN 1621-2 level 1 - Protection certificate chest: EN1621-3 level 1 - Size information: Size falls out normally - Fit: cut normally - Protection zones: chest. 

3. Mizuno VS1 Knee Pad M Black (Z59SS89109)

Mizuno VS1 Knee Pads (Pair)

This knee pad utilizes VS-1 padding for increased protection and the DF Cut provides a great fit without being too bulky. The Mizuno
VS1 Knee Pad also features the Mizuno Intercool ventilation system, which reduces moisture and heat build-up inside the knee pad.

Important: The knee pads are supplied as a pair (2 pcs.)!

To determine the size, simply measure the circumference in the middle of your knee:

- S: 33cm-35cm

- M: 35cm-37cm

- L: 37cm-40cm

- XL: 40cm-43cm.

Mizuno VS1 Knee Pad M Black (Z59SS89109) (M, Knee pad, Pair)
Bike protective gear
24.50 CHF was 27.70 CHF

Mizuno VS1 Knee Pad M Black (Z59SS89109)

M, Knee pad, Pair

4. Hudora Biomechanical protector set

Product information "Hudora Protectors Set Kids blue" Protectors set of 6 consisting of wrist, knee and elbow protectors, pre-moulded hard shells, anatomically adapted RGO(R) fit, impact-resistant upper shell and shock-absorbing, comfortable foam padding with additional sliding extension over the shell, robust nylon fabric, incl. sock, easy fit & match system, simple to put on and take off, mesh cascade bag. Sock, Easy Fit & Match system for easy donning and with mesh cascade pocket 

5. Hudora Protector set

Protectors set of 6 consisting of wrist, knee and elbow protectors, pre-moulded hard shells, anatomically adapted RGO(R) fit, impact-resistant upper shell and shock-absorbing, comfortable foam padding with additional sliding extension over the shell, robust nylon fabric, incl. socks, Easy Fit & Match system for easy donning and with mesh cascade pocket 

6. Endura MT500 Lite

Protection – it’s in their DNA. An expanded line up of protectors ensures every type of mountain biker is catered for. They work with the best riders to develop their products including the first family of DH, the Athertons and Scottish legend Danny MacAskill. The MT500 Lite knee protectors provide fully certified protection, in lightweight yet durable fabrics for all day pedalling comfort. 

7. Micro Knie- und Ellenbogenschoner

Area of use: inline skates, body area: knees; elbows, set, size: M, target group: children, color: black, sport: roller sports.

Micro Knie- und Ellenbogenschoner (M, Elbow protectors, Knee pad, 4 pieces)
Bike protective gear
25.– CHF was 27.80 CHF

Micro Knie- und Ellenbogenschoner

M, Elbow protectors, Knee pad, 4 pieces

8. Fox Baseframe Pro

The Baseframe Pro is a breathable, short-sleeved baselayer with integrated shoulder protectors. It offers reliable protection and can be worn perfectly underneath a jersey thanks to its low profile. The removable back insert provides additional impact protection, while the fabric wicks away moisture while riding and delivers cool comfort. The Baseframe Pro fits like a second skin, as the polymer becomes soft and malleable due to the body's own heat and thus guarantees a perfect fit, maximum freedom of movement and reliable protection. The longer you wear it, the greater the comfort. 

9. Evoc Torso Protector

The TORSO PROTECTOR is a special back and chest protector that can be worn over the bike jersey. Thanks to EVOC's newly developed LITESHIELD FLEX protector technology, it offers the highest level 2 impact protection with 95% impact absorption and maximum flexibility. The result: top safety and sensational freedom of movement. The distinctive grid construction allows efficient airflow, which further optimises the already high level of comfort. LITESHIELD FLEX is also extremely temperature-resistant - it guarantees consistent functionality from -20 to +40 °C. In practice, this means that even if the protector is lying in the blazing sun during a break, the material does not become too soft, but still absorbs impacts just as efficiently. The TORSO PROTECTOR is ergonomically pre-shaped and can be adapted to almost any body size or shape using adjustable straps. It is easy to clean, dries quickly and offers space for an action cam on the chest protector. It can be extended with the separately available TORSO PROTECTOR PIN PACK WP 1.5 for tools, snacks and other items. 

Evoc Torso Protector (L, XL, Back protector, Chest protector, Unique specimen)
Bike protective gear
199.– CHF

Evoc Torso Protector

L, XL, Back protector, Chest protector, Unique specimen

10. TSG Junior Bike Set

The Junior Bike Set offers the complete safety solution for little thrill seekers. Elbows, knees and those all-important shins are safely protected by our unbeatable combination of shock-absorbing EVA and durable PE hard shell. Consistent performance against impact and abrasion.HARD-SHELL CONSTRUCTIONPads covered with hard shells reduce friction against the ground in the event of a fall. Maximum protection against impacts often associated with pedals, rocks and other objects on varied terrain or falls from great heights on concrete or wooden ramps.EVA FILLEREVA provides excellent shock absorbing properties, stress crack resistance and low temperature toughness. It can be used in multiple layers and backed with hard caps for solid performance. - Delivery (quantity): in pairs - Weight: 340 g - Details: - Pre-curved joint design for unrestricted wearing comfort - Upper Velcro closure with 360° strap - Two forearm Velcro straps - Ventilated grid in the crook of the arm - Size information: size runs normal - Fit: normal cut - Protective zones: Elbow - Protector type: hard - Carrier material: 30% polyethylene, 35% polyester, 25% EVA, 6% nylon, 4% rubber.