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    These sunglasses are hot in 2023

    by Stephanie Vinzens

Sports glasses

Sports glasses not only ensure good looks during training, but also provide protection. In some sports such as cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, triathlon, sailing or running, they have become indispensable. They offer protection against UV rays, wind, rain, dirt and cold. Sports glasses can be divided into sunglasses and goggles, the latter being suitable for motocross or downhill use.

Sunglasses for sports are available with full, half and rimless frames. Full rim glasses cover the eye better and protect against dirt and wind. This form is particularly popular with mountain bikers. Half rim and rimless glasses are recommended for racing cyclists and triathletes. They allow the air to circulate better, spare glasses can be replaced more easily and they are even lighter.

Sports glasses are available in almost all possible tint levels. Tinting can be divided into five categories. In the S0 category, light transmission is highest, as the lenses are either clear or very bright. Category S1 lenses are bright to medium bright and ideal for overcast skies. S2 and S3 are dark to very dark and ideal for normal sunlight in summer. The category S4 is darkest and ideal for the highest incidence of light such as on glaciers, on water or in the desert.

There are models, similar to ski and snowboard goggles, with multifunctional lens technologies. Photochromatic lenses automatically adjust their tint. Other lens technologies, such as Oakley's Prizm, filter colors to match contrast. Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflections on surfaces. They are very suitable for sports on water or in the snow.