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Rowing like there’s no tomorrow – part 1

It’s going to be a Saturday. The day of truth. 26 January 2019 is ergometer judgement day. The key number is eight and the question of all questions is: Hero or zero?

Eight minutes will answer this question once and for all times. Ok, I’m exaggerating. 26 January 2019 is the day when the «Swiss Rowing Indoors», the Swiss Indoor Rowing Championships, take place in Zug. And I’ll be there. Competing in the 2,000 m race. My aim? Finishing in under eight minutes. Why I’m doing this? Because I’m into silly challenges.

Row until you drop

I’ve heard a few urban legends about the Swiss Rowing Indoors. People rowing until they throw up seems to be one of the harmless happenings. I must admit, I’m rather intimidated. Do I really want to put myself out there? Hell yes! But not without preparation. It’s time to start training.

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Jonathan Perraudin from Belvoir Rowing Club was kind enough to put together an ergometer training programme for me:

  • 4 × 4 minutes with 3:00 break (target split: 2–4 seconds above race pace)
  • 8 × 500 metres with 1:30 break (target split: exact race pace)
  • 4 × 750 metres with 3:00 break (target split: exact race pace)

I’ll be doing this interval training for the next few weeks in my local gym Migros Fitnesspark. Jonathan also added this friendly note: «You’re facing a tough workout plan. And don’t forget to make sure the drag factor is constant.» I have no clue what that means. I’ll google it later on. For now, all I can think about is the word «tough». Well then, let’s go...

Breathe, Patrick.
Stay relaxed.
But not that relaxed.

Never give up

My aim for 26 January is as simple as demanding. For me, that is. My current record is 8:54.8 for 2 km. I’m still almost a minute too slow. So I tackle the 4 x 4 minutes. Not a good idea after I’ve just finished my 2 km training. I’m about to give up when I remember the iconic sentence by Udo Bölts: «Quäl dich, du Sau!» («Keep pushing, you lazy ass!»). These were the words he shouted to Jan Ullrich when the latter was about to crack in the 18th stage of the 1997 Tour de France. If it works for cycling, it’s sure to work for rowing. So I row on, I keep pushing. But finally, I surrender. That’s it for today.

This is what a pro looks like

I’ll keep this training up until 26 January – the Swiss Rowing Indoors in Zug. How I get on? Follow me and you’ll find out.

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Patrick Bardelli, Zurich

  • Senior Editor
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User Anonymous

Das Trainingsprogramm passt ja bestens zur Advents- und Neujahrszeit, d.h. Kalorien einnehmen und grad wieder verbrennen :-)

Wünsche viel Disziplin und Qualen, aber ein Ü50 schafft alles!

User Patrick Bardelli

Advent, Advent, ein Muskel brennt! Die Qualen sind garantiert. Ob's mit der Disziplin klappt, wird sich zeigen :-)


Ja, rudern ist hart. Vielleicht mit das härteste. Ich für meinen Teil, kann mich nirgends so quälen wie auf dem Ergometer.
Als Tip: Versuch es durch zu ziehen, auch wenn du die vorgegebene Pace nicht schaffst. Im Endeffekt ist die hohe Herzfrequenz wichtig. Du wirst zwar langsam, aber die HF gilt!

User Patrick Bardelli

Danke für den Support. Den kann ich gerade gut gebrauchen.

User Stephane Guignard

Des Nike Shield pour faire du rameur ?;-)