Electric kettles

An electric water boiler, also called an electric dispensing pot, electric water heater, electric water urn, or electric kettle, is a consumer electronics small appliance used for boiling water and possibly maintaining it at a constant temperature. 

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Philips - Kettle HD9350/94 (1.70l)

Koenig - B02118 (1.50l)

Sage - Tea Machine Tea Maker (1.50l)

Philips - Avance Collection (1.70l)

WMF - KITCHENminis glass water boiler (1l)

Alessi - Plissé (1l)

Koenig - Glass kettle (1.70l)

Tefal - safe to touch (1.50l)

Russell Hobbs - 21600-57 (1.70l)

Tefal - KO2008 (1.70l)

WMF - KitchenMinis Vario (1l)

Severin - WK 3468 (1l)

WMF - Lono (1.60l)

Electrolux - EEWA7700R (1.70l)

Siemens - TW86104 (1.50l)