Dishwashing detergents

Dishwashing detergents remove grease and dirt from your dishes and ensure thorough cleaning. A good dishwashing detergent should be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. When buying dishwasher detergent, you should choose a high-quality product that cleans thoroughly and is gentle on your dishes at the same time.

In our shop you will find different types of dishwasher detergent such as:

- Tabs or tablets: Tabs are convenient, individually packaged portions of dishwashing detergent specifically designed for use in dishwashers. Tabs are easy to use and contain just the right amount of detergent to thoroughly clean dishes. In addition, tabs are usually very effective at cleaning dirty dishes, especially stubborn stains.

- Dishwashing gel: Gel-type dishwashing detergents have a creamy consistency and can simply be added to the dishwasher. They are particularly suitable for households that often have dirty dishes because they often contain stronger detergents that can effectively remove stubborn stains and dirt.

- Dishwasher powder: Dishwasher powder is particularly effective for cleaning heavily soiled dishes. Dishwasher powder often contains a combination of detergents, enzymes and bleaching agents to remove particularly stubborn stains and soiling.

- Hand dishwashing detergent: As the name suggests, this type of detergent is used when dishes need to be washed by hand or when you don't have a dishwasher. Hand dishwashing detergents are particularly effective at cleaning stubborn stains and soiling, for example, on pans or casseroles. They are available in a liquid or gel form as well as solid hand dishwashing soap.

In addition to the rinse aids mentioned above, there are also rinse aids and regenerating salt. Rinse aid is used during the rinsing process and helps to keep the dishes shiny and free from stains. Replenishing salt is used to optimise the performance of the dishwasher and ensure that the salt in the appliance always remains at an optimal level. Use these two products together with the dishwasher detergent of your choice to achieve the best cleaning results while keeping your dishwasher in perfect condition.