Top-rated products in the Dishwashing detergents category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Miele PowerDisk

2. Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine

Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine dishwasher tabs With concentrated power against grease stains, dried-on stains and for the best finish shine. The multi-functional tabs with Protector Shield technology protect glass, crockery decor and silver cutlery. Instructions for use: Use only with dry hands. Do not prick, tear or cut. Re-seal packaging after use. Do not unwrap. Dissolves completely in the rinse cycle. Place 1 tab per rinse cycle in the dry dispensing chamber. Do not place in the cutlery basket. For best results, use the ECO/Auto programme. Ingredients 15 - <30% non-ionic surfactants, 5 - <15% oxygen-based bleach, 5 - <15% polycarboxylates, 5 - <15% phosphonates, Contains enzymes (subtilisin, amylase), fragrances (benzyl benzoate, geraniol) Safety informationFinish Powerball Quantum Infinity Shine. Caution. Causes severe eye irritation. Causes skin irritation. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: Seek medical advice/attention. In case of contact with skin: Wash with plenty of soap and water. If medical advice is needed, have container or label at hand. Contains subtilisin. May cause an allergic reaction. About FinishFinish is the world leader in automatic dishwashing products, with a long heritage and a record of innovation.Finish is committed to helping people get sparkling clean dishes and is now sold in over 40 countries around the world. Finish is the most recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers. 

3. Miele power disk

Miele dishwasher tabs GS CL 4001 P Power Disk 400 g.

4. Reosal Regenerating salt fine

Regenerating salts decalcify water with the aid of an ion exchanger. These are not only installed in a wide variety of household appliances but are also used in industrial and commercial plants. Hard, limy water attacks equipment and piping systems and causes costs for replacement or repairs. 

5. Finish Quantum Infinity Shine Megapack

The Finish Quantum Infinity Shine dishwasher tabs powerfully clean burnt-on and greasy stains, provide a radiant shine and protect glass from corrosion with their glass protection technology. With three chambers, the tabs work effortlessly against dirty dishes. For even easier use, thanks to the 100% water-soluble film, there is no need to unpack the individual tabs. To help reduce plastic waste, the tabs are contained in a packaging-saving stand-up pouch. The fully recyclable packaging allows for efficient recycling and takes us all one step closer to a more sustainable circular economy. Finish is the most recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers. 

6. Finish Rinse aid

The Finish rinse aid with shine and glass protection avoids the formation of deposits, water residues as well as limescale film and leaves nothing but a radiant shine. The Finish shine elixir lets the water run off surfaces evenly and thus ensures the best dishwashing results. Experience radiant shine on dishes and glasses, pots and pans, dishwasher, cutlery and filters. Finish rinse aid is available in other pack sizes. For optimal dishwashing results, we recommend using Finish/Calgonit rinse aid together with Finish dishwasher tabs. Finish is the most recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers. 

7. Miele PowerDisk All in 1 ECO, supply set 6 pieces

Miele exclusive, environmentally friendly powder granules. Very good environmental properties - confirmed by Nordic Swan. Without fragrances and dyes. Active oxygen for thorough cleanliness. Automatic dosage for approx. 1 month (20 rinses/disc). Simply perfect rinsing. With Miele. 

8. Frosch Rinsing cleaner

The Frosch Baby Rinsing Cleaner cleans baby accessories in a gentle but powerful and reliable way. It is suitable for pacifiers, teats, baby bottles, crockery and washable toys. In addition, the formula with provitamin B5 protects the skin from drying out. 

9. Held Powder dishwasher detergent

Perfectly clean, shiny dishes without residues. Phosphate- and phosponate-free. Does not leave petrochemical residues on your dishes. Not suitable for silver cutlery. Quickly and completely biodegradable. Ingredients on vegetable mineral basis. Instructions for use: Pour the dishwashing powder directly into the dosage compartment: Normally dirty: ½ Dosing compartment and heavily dirty: 1 dosing compartment. Ingredients: >30%: Citrate, 15-30%: Disilicate, oxygen-based bleach, 5-15%: Bicarbonate, <5% 

10. Miele Ultra Tabs

No unpacking thanks to water-soluble film. Brilliant results - even with stubborn dirt. Phosphate-free - good for the environment. With the functions rinse aid, salt, glass protection, QuickPowerWash. Simply perfect rinsing with Miele. The contents of the package are 60 pieces.