Best Miele products in the Dishwashing detergents category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Miele products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Miele Set PowerDisk

2. Miele Ultra Tabs

No unpacking thanks to water-soluble film. Brilliant results - even with stubborn dirt. Phosphate-free - good for the environment. With the functions rinse aid, salt, glass protection, QuickPowerWash. Simply perfect rinsing with Miele. The contents of the package are 60 pieces. 

3. Miele PowerDisk All in 1 ECO

The PowerDisk ECO from Miele - an innovation for your dishwasher. Experience the future of dishwashing with the PowerDisk ECO from Miele. This revolutionary technology gives you unparalleled cleaning results and ensures that your dishes always stay sparkling clean and hygienic. With the PowerDisk ECO, adding detergent is child's play. Simply insert the disc into the dishwasher and the appliance does the rest. Thanks to the intelligent dosing function, the detergent is dispensed in just the right amount to clean each piece of crockery thoroughly and without wastage. 

Miele PowerDisk All in 1 ECO (Powder, 20 x)
Dishwashing detergents
Quantity discount
10.40 CHF per piece for 2 units

Miele PowerDisk All in 1 ECO

Powder, 20 x

4. Miele power disc

Miele dishwasher tabs GS CL 4001 P Power Disk 400 g.

5. Miele Rinse aid

The rinse aid from Miele for best drying and gentle action in Miele dishwashers. Simply perfect dishwashing: With Miele rinse aids, you always make the most of your dishwasher's performance. With a unique combination of intelligent appliance features and Miele rinse aids, Miele is the specialist in glassware protection. 

6. Miele Regenerating salt

Prevents limescale deposits on dishes and dishwashers.

7. Miele GSA powder

Cleaning powder, 1 kg for best cleaning results with individual dosage. With active oxygen for thorough cleanliness. With super enzymes - effective even at low rinsing temperatures. Glass protection formula against glass corrosion. High yield - for approx. 70 rinsing cycles. 

8. Miele Miele GS CL 0601 T E

UltraTabs All in 1 ECO, 60 pieces for best cleaning results and high environmental compatibility.

9. Miele Cleaner powder

For best cleaning results. With integrated dosing aid. With active oxygen for thorough cleanliness. With super-enzymes - effective even at low rinse temperatures. With glass protection formula against glass corrosion. High-yield - for up to 95 rinses. Simply perfect rinsing. With Miele. 

10. Miele Freshener

Neutralises unpleasant odours thanks to the combination of active ingredients. Fresh and pleasant scent of lime and green tea. Easy and convenient to attach to the crockery basket. Very economical - for 60 wash cycles. 

Miele Freshener (Liquid, 60 x)
Dishwashing detergents
Quantity discount
5.85 CHF per piece for 3 units 1462.50 CHF/1l

Miele Freshener

Liquid, 60 x