Coffee capsule systems

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Coffee capsule systems

Cheap Nespresso machines. Capsule machines from Nespresso, Delizio and many other top capsule machine brands. Capsule machines or also portion coffee machines work with so-called coffee capsules and are characterized by a particularly simple operation and short preparation times. The capsule coffee machine uses aluminium capsules filled with coffee powder, which are sealed in such a way that the coffee aroma is completely preserved even if the coffee is stored for a long time. There are different types of capsules with which different types of coffee can be prepared. It should be noted that the capsule systems of different capsule machine manufacturers are usually not compatible. When you have decided on a capsule machine, you have normally also decided on a coffee capsule brand.

A disadvantage of capsule machines is that portioned capsules tend to be somewhat more expensive than regular coffee powder or coffee beans. In addition, the use of coffee capsules usually produces a little more waste. In addition to ordinary capsule machines, you will also find portion machines that use portion pads instead of coffee capsules. These coffee pods (for example E.S.E. Pads) are more environmentally friendly than aluminium or plastic coffee capsules, as they are usually compostable.

So-called coffee pods are usually standardised according to the E.S.E. standard and consist of 7g coffee and 0.2g paper. The E.S.E. Standard stands for Easy Serving Espresso and ensures that the E.S.E. Pads can also be used for coffee machines from different manufacturers.
In our shop you will find capsule systems of different brands such as Nespresso, Delizio, Cafissimo, Senseo, Tassimo, etc. When buying a capsule system, it is therefore important to check which coffee capsules are compatible with the capsule system.
Portion machines and capsule machines are particularly suitable for quick coffee preparation. Compared to a fully automatic coffee machine, the capsule machine generally offers fewer setting options. In addition, the owner of a fully automatic coffee machine is less restricted in his choice of coffee types and coffee brands than with capsule systems.